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The time has come the walrus said!  The entire hockey season has finally come down to 2 teams: the Philadelphia Flyers & the Chicago Blackhawks.  Chicago continued their dominance on the road & at home & swept their series in 4 games.  After just squeaking through every round of the playoffs, the Flyers sent those Canadiens back up north in 5 games.  It will be the Flyers 8th appearance in the Stanley Cup final.  Chicago hasn’t won since 1961.  Those Chicago teams just have such long droughts for their championships, so for that city’s sake I’m going Chi-town on this one.

The Stanley Cup itself was recently being paraded (or just put in one spot) around ESPN campus recently, but I unfortunately did not get a chance to see it, but here’s what all the fuss is about…


Why We Love: Coach Pete Carroll

Posted: May 24, 2010 by NattieLiz in Uncategorized

1. His personal Motto: ALWAYS COMPETE.  He believes in making every member of the team great. He believes in winning and never giving up. This poem is simple, but its meaningful:

2. His 9 year Reign at USC: He won 7 consecutive Pac- 10 titles, 2 National Championships, and lead the USC Trojans to a 97-19 record.

3. His return to the NFL. After 9 years being a College football great, Carroll took an offer from The Seattle Seahawks to try his hand at being a NFL head coach, again. He was fired from the Jets and Patriots, but now he is back to give it another go round.

4. His work in LA against Gang Violence. He created the non-profit, “A Better LA”. He teamed up with local Law Enforcement and government officials to create critical liaisons in the community. Carroll has become well-known for his going out in the middle of the night to meet and talk to gang members and victims face to face. He started this organization and committed himself to changing LA. Just take a look for yourself.

5.  While at USC he produced 3 Heisman Trophy winners, 42 NFL players, and 30 all americans… Ladies, We should all personally thank Coach Carroll.

6. We love the fact that Pete can take these college kids to championships and bowl games, but still might just be a college kid at heart. He still has a great deal of fun while teaching the importance of hard work:

7. He is number 3 on the Forbes top ten highest paid NFL coaches. Carroll signed a 7 million dollar contract with the Seattle Seahawks. For a guy who just signed onto the NFL again this year, that’s pretty impressive. Hey, you can’t be mad at a guy that gets his hustle on!

8. Players speak highly of the coach… Having the respect and trust of your players is half the battle.

Seahawk defensive end, Lawrence Jackson, describes his new head coach, “He brings the most out of you as a person. He’s a great motivator. He has great people skills.”

9.  We love that Carroll married a fellow athlete. His wife Glena played indoor volleyball at the University of the Pacific. He is not only a great coach but a family man as well. He and his wife have three children, oldest son Brennan, middle daughter Jaime, and youngest son Nathan. And just recently became Grandpa Pete!

10. Who wouldn’t want this guy as their head coach:

Sunny Side Up

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So it appeared in the first two games of the Western Conference Finals that the Lakers were going to sweep the whole series. They came out on fire and beat the Phoenix Suns without a problem, that is, until last night’s game.

The Lakers Suns game was played in Phoenix, and maybe the home court advantage was all this team needed. They  beat the Lakers 118 to 109 in Game 3. LA fans were hoping for the sweep and already talking about the much-anticipated Lakers Celtics rivalry to begin. But lets face it, It’s the finals, it’s not supposed to be THAT easy. So Congrats Suns.. .way to bring the Lakers back to Earth. Next game is Tuesday in Phoenix.. if the Suns play hard ball with LA again, they might tie up the series 2-2.. We’ll just have to watch and see!! Ahhh playoffs are so awesome!

The Lakers lost this one from poor fouling (Odom even fouled out), lack of execution, and uncharacteristically only going 9/32 on 3 point attempts. Kobe’s Face here says it all: This is NOT OK.

Champion’s League Final

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Tomorrow is the Champion’s League Final in soccer.  As someone who is not an avid soccer fan, I wasn’t aware of the importance of this until I started working in an International environment.  Soccer is the most popular sport in the world & almost everyone I work with lives, breathes & eats soccer, or shall we say futbol.  The Champion’s League Final is the equivalent to the Superbowl, except multiply that by all of Europe.  It encompasses all of European soccer & those people looooove their soccer.

In this year’s final, Bayern Munich (Germany) will be taking on Inter Milan (Italy) & they will be playing in Madrid (Spain).  There are a series of round that lead up to the Final.  I’m not going to pretend to be an expert, so I’m going to try to get someone who is on here to explain it a little better then I can.  So stay tuned…but until then if you meet any Europeans you will at least be able to hold your head up when they ask you who is playing.  Just be grateful you don’t have to cut highlights on something you only pretend to know!

Ray Rice – Man Before a Boy

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For those of you who don’t know Ray Rice is the running back for the Baltimore Ravens and truly a fan favorite. This article takes us into his personal life growing up in the projects of New Jersey and shows us what perseverance and hard work really mean. Ray made his first (of hopefully many) Pro Bowl last year gaining over 2,000 yards from scrimmage. Not only is this guy a great football player, but he also does it the right way. He’s got the right mindset of family first and really couldn’t be nicer to his fans. PS Ladies, take him on your Fantasy Football team and take him early!! It’ll make you look like a rock star and make every guy in the room angry!


We are currently in the NHL semi-finals & are quickly getting to the Stanley Cup finals.  The Montreal Canadiens are the Cinderella story of these hockey playoffs after defeating the top 2 teams in the East: first the Washington Capitals & then the Pittsburgh Penguins.  They are currently facing off against the Philadelphia Flyers.  The Flyers beat the Bruins in 7 games in a very exciting conference semi-final series.  The Flyers currently lead that series 2-0.  They will play game 3 of the conference final tonight.

The West hasn’t been as nail-biting as the East.  The San Jose Sharks beat the Red Wings in 5 games & the Black Hawks beat the Canucks in 6.  Chicago has been great on the road, which is really the key to winning in the playoffs.  They currently lead the Sharks in that series 2 games to none.  Their Game 3 will be tomorrow.

Amazin’ Again

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The Mets have the nickname “Amazin'” & although some might say it’s undeserved for them to still have this name, tonight they did something very “Amazin’ worthy”.  Angel Pagan was the 1st person in 55 years to be involved in an inside-the-park homerun & a triple play in the same game.

An inside-the-park homer is rare.  The runner has to be super fast & the ball has to be hit in a spot that outfielders just aren’t in & can’t get to quickly.  It’s tough to get both of these scenarios to happen in 1 play, but they occasionally do.  In tonight’s game, the ball looked like it would be a regular home run but just missed.  It hit off the top of the wall & the fielder ran to catch, jumped into the wall & stumbled getting back to his feet/to the ball.

A triple play? Also very rare.  It took me a few times to realize how tonight’s was a triple play so let me explain it for you.  There were runners on 1st & 2nd.  The ball was hit to centerfield & Pagan ran in to catch the ball & it looked like it would drop in but he caught it.  The runners moved up to the next bases because they figured the ball had dropped.  Since it didn’t, he threw to 2nd base & then they threw to 1st.  The hitter was obviously out because Pagan caught it.  On a fly ball (or a line drive in this case) the runners have to stay on their base until the ball is caught & then can tag up & run ahead.  These runners did not do this so when the ball was thrown to 2nd & 1st, they were both called out because they hadn’t tagged the base.

I hope that cleared it up for you, so when your guy asks tomorrow how that happened, you can show him up.  And by the way, despite the exciting occurences…the Mets still lost!