NBA Playoffs

Posted: May 5, 2010 by NattieLiz in NBA

Ladies, we have now entered the second round of playoffs in the NBA, and Lebron James AKA KING JAMES has received his 2nd MVP award.. back to back i might add. What does this mean to you? well it means that during the week bars might be packed when you are trying to enjoy happy hour with the girls… so be prepared for a slew of basketball fans getting together and a bunch of big baby’s devastated because their team didn’t go all the way…. here are the highlights we have coming up starting from the West Coast… moving East:

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz– Game 2 tonight, Tuesday, 5/4

Lakers: Biggest star… the one and only, Kobe Bryant. He has major help from Pau Gasol (not paul.. there is no L, honest mistake), Bynum (fighting through an mcl tear), Crazy man Ron Artest, and Khloe Kardash’s Hottie Hubbie, Lamar Odom.

Jazz: C. Boozer, scores 19.5 average per game. Andrei Kirilenko (that’s a doosey!, but he wont be playing in Game 2 due to injury), and # 8 Deron Williams.

Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spurs:

Suns: Steve Nash, J. Richardson. Both these players score between 20- 30 points per game.

Spurs: Ginobili, Eva Longoria’s french hottie hubbie, Tony Parker.

Clevand Cavs vs. Boston Celtics:

Cavs: None other than the team of King James. Thee only name you need to know: Lebron James. who currently has a hurt elbow… oh poor baby.

Boston Celtics: Play makers: Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Rasheed Wallace, and Kevin Garnett… who threw some elbows last week and was suspended for a game.

Altanta Hawks and Orlando Magic: Currently playing Game 1 of the Series:

After a full week of rest, tonight, Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic will have to step up their game. Facing the likes of point guard, Mike Bibby. Jamal Crawford of the Hawks will be the main element used to slow down Jameer Nelson (ORD).

If you want to get into basketball, this is probably the most exciting time. They play a bunch of games and it all comes down the finals. So why not start watching tonight…There are 2 good games tonight to start off this series… watch and learn ladies, watch and learn.

PS. LETS GO LAKE SHOW!!!  Bias much???


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