Posted: May 5, 2010 by NattieLiz in Fans

Rushing the Field: occurs when a crowd of people who are watching a sports game run onto the field, to celebrate or protest about an incident ( good old wikipedia)

Going to a game is always an exciting event. Weather it be a Baseball game, a College or pro Football game, an international Soccer game, Or a Playoff Basketball game: people are AMPED. During big rival games or end of the year events, the fans get particularly cocky. It’s most likely a pre game discussion that starts with, “If we win we are rushing the field”. then the word quickly – and I mean QUICK – spreads throughout the venue… and operation: RUSH the FIELD is now in effect!

Hey, I say in the spirit of the moment, DO IT! but make sure you follow a few rules:

1. Never be the first and please don’t go it alone. (like our 17 yr old Philie fan below… HYSTERICAL)

2. Stay in the middle of the largest group

3. Make sure you know and trust that every one you are with has the balls to run too! nothing worse than being stuck out there alone.

4. Know that there are consequences for getting caught. Be prepared for those. ( certain fines, school suspension, and well, being arrested… But come on!! if you’re a real fan its soooo worth it!)

Here are some great vids of Real super Fans Gettin it DONE! …but first lets look at this major FAIL!! from earlier this week:  “don’t tase me bro, don’t tase me”


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