Why We Love: Jimmy Graham

Posted: May 5, 2010 by NattieLiz in NCAA Football, NFL, University of Miami

Here are the top 10 Reasons WE Love, Newly Drafted New Orleans Saint, Jimmy Graham:

1. He played Basketball at U of Miami, and joined the UM football team in ’09… with only one collegiate season  he has made it to the NFL. Making all Hurricanes Proud.

2.  JG was adopted as after the 9th grade, and moved to a school that only had basketball, where he excelled and earned a scholarship for basketball at the University of Miami.

3.  He is one of eight UM players in history with 100 or more career blocks, LETS GO ‘CANES!!

4.  Proof that there is no reason not to follow your dreams in life, no matter what the situation. We find Jimmy Graham truly an inspiration.

5.  A natural-born athlete with ridiculous results at the combine:  Combine testing (4.50: 40, 38.5″ vertical at 6-6)

6.  He gets to play on the same team as a UM Favorite: Mr. Jeremy Shockey. WHO DAT?!?

7.  In his one season playing Fball at UM His five touchdown receptions were second only to leading receiver Leonard Hankerson.

8.  Because he is one humble and determined guy:  “For me to be picked at No. 95 by the New Orleans Saints means everything to me. For me it’s a dream come true. I think it’s a perfect situation. Being able to learn from a guy like Jeremy Shockey is perfect for me. I’m hungry to learn and I’m hungry to get better”

9.  Graham could follow in the footsteps of Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates and Marcus Pollard, who all were college basketball players before becoming NFL standouts.
10.  And last but CERTAINLY not least: Ladies,  at  6-7 and 260 pounds, the bottom line is: He’s one Hot Tall Glass of Wata! and an incredible person.

Take a look for yourself:


  1. amyaubrey says:

    For #6, don’t forget another favorite Jonathan Vilma!

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