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Posted: May 6, 2010 by thesank in Uncategorized

For those of us who have ever dreamt of playing for our favorite mens-only professional team, whether NFL, NBA, or MLB, this story is for you.

This is Sara Maras and she is a sophomore at Borah High School in Idaho playing on the men’s lacrosse team. You might be thinking well don’t they have a women’s team? Yes they do, but Sara wanted somethign with a little more physical edge. This cheerleader-turned-defenseman was fully welcomed by the team (“We trusted her more after that; we felt she was doing the right thing,” said one of her teammates, Trevor Hopkins. “She was definitely better than a lot of kids on defense. There may have been some people who didn’t fully accept her, but they didn’t say anything out loud.”), but not by the parents. This story was brough to her local board of lacrosse and several people mentioned this rule: In Idaho, according to the rules of the state high school athletic association, if you’re a girl and a sport is offered for both boys and girls, then you are required to play the girls version of the sport.

Sara was outruled 18-4 in being able to play, but the coach didn’t care. He eventually placed her on the Varsity team. With lawyers on both sides, Sara continued to play until immeditately haulted. When the final petition failed, Sara and her teammates gathered to vote on whether or not to continue to have Sara as a teammate and not continue their season, or to vote her off and continue playing…

Everyone voted in favor of her to stay.

While there is a major difference between girls and guys lacrosse, it isn’t uncommon to hear of a girl who learned from boys. The level of men’s lacrosse play is also far more physical and advanced on the collegiate level so it is not like she would be continuing on, but if she is better and tougher than some of the kids on her high school team, she should be allowed to continue to play.

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