MLB: NL East Edition

Posted: May 6, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB

So here is your refresher course (or just fresh new course for some) on the National League East.

Philadelphia Phillies: They are the reigning National League champions (meaning, they played in but lost to the Yankees in the World Series.) They were a very good team last year but they added Roy Halladay (remember I said yesterday, he was on the Blue Jays last year…see, it all ties back together) so they could be even better this year.  They did have to trade their best pitcher, Cliff Lee for him but I think they got the better end of that deal.  They’ve got some big names on this team, including the newly-minted highest paid first baseman in the game, Ryan Howard.  Other notables are Chase Utley, Raul Ibanez, Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins & Cole Hamels.

Atlanta Braves: They certainly aren’t the team they used to be, but they have one very important thing going for them & his name is Jason Heyward.  Everyone is saying that he will be the next Hank Aaron (he’s the all-time homerun leader before the steroid era.)  Heyward is only 21 years old & on his very first major league at-bat, he hit a very deep homerun.  Other names to know are Chipper Jones, Derek Lowe & Tim Hudson.

Florida Marlins: They play in the same stadium as the Miami Hurricanes, so there’s a big positive for them.  They could be a sleeper team in the NL East.  If you wanna talk young talent, then you’re talking Marlins.  They’ve got Hanley Ramirez, who is one of the top fantasy baseball players.  Josh Johnson, Jorge Cantu, Dan Uggla & Cameron Maybin are also some already big names or emerging talent on that team.

New York Mets: They are known for 1 thing over the past few years: collapsing.  The Mets have gone late into the season with big leads in their division & almost a lock to make the playoffs,only to lose nearly every game & be the laughing stock of baseball.  They have certainly been bitten by the injury bug & have run into a lot of bad luck but they are definitely not lacking the talent.  Johan Santana is one of the best pitchers in baseball, with a great little butt wiggle I might add.  David Wright & Jose Reyes aren’t bad to look at either.  Francisco Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran & Carlos Delgado are also some names to know.

Washington Nationals: They don’t have a lot of big names & they haven’t exactly been at the top of the league for quite some time.  They used to be the Montreal Expos but moved because they weren’t getting any people at games.  Not much better in D.C.  They’re off to a good start this year, but whether or not they keep it up is yet to be seen.

That’s all for today, folks!


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