Sanchez the Sophomore

Posted: May 6, 2010 by NattieLiz in Uncategorized

Former USC Hottie turned Rookie Jet’s QB, Mark Sanchez is quite the ladies man. It’s no surprise that this Cali boy is known as one of the “dreamiest” QB’s in the league. But looks and talent, and a pocket full of cash can come with its consequences. The rumor mill has had him linked to the following hollywood hotties: Newest Addition to The Hills, Kristin Cav. Model, From this GQ photo Shoot, Hilary Rhoda, and now Entourage starlet, Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Well in the honor of fair play, Sanchez was given a chance this morning on KLAC, a radio station in Los Angeles, to clear up the rumors:

On being filmed next to Sopranos star Jamie-Lynn Sigler recently and if he’s dating her:

“Come on guys, you’re killing me! No, I met her at an event at the Tribeca Film Festival, and we were both compensated for being there and both happened to be at the same place. So they took all these pictures of us watching the video, kind of doing what we were supposed to do so it looked like we were awfully close. But yeah, she’s a sweetheart, we’ve hung out across New York. She’s a great girl but I mean she could probably do much better than me.”

And on his “escapade” with 8 women in a limo: (which I find way more interesting!)

“That one, I wish I could say it was a really cool story and tell you something off the air. But it is about as harmless of a story. So, my best friend Rebecca who I’ve known forever, she’s like a sister, she was the first person to get in the car. This other girl I knew from college, her uncle was one of our coaches, and so another girl who you would never touch or try to date because her uncle was a coach and would probably kill you. Then the other girls were there friends and they got in the car. So I’m like squished in and we go two blocks to this other place and everybody got out and I pretty much never saw those girls again except for Rebecca and the other girl. So it was, I mean, I wish I had a cooler story but it was pretty lame.”

Yes Sanchez, we’re gonna have to agree.. that is Very Lame. But the real news here is that Sanchez is coming off a great Rookie Season with the Jets that got them all the way to the Conference Championship Game. He now has to keep that momentum going in his Sophomore NFL Season… Hopefully for all you Jets fans, the term “Sophomore Slump” won’t come into play next season…. All the JC’s will be waiting to see how #6  does this fall because 2010 will be a defining season in this young studs career.


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