NL Central

Posted: May 8, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB

Here’s what you should know about the NL Central…

Chicago Cubs: The main thing to know about the Cubs is that they haven’t won a World Series since 1908, a whopping 102 years.  It takes a lot of dedication & frustration to be a Cubs fans, so anyone who is loyal to this team gets points in my book. Some news that recently occurred with them is that their highest paid pitcher, Carlos Zambrano, who has been very good over his career but cannot seem to throw a strike this year, was moved to the bullpen.  It’s safe to say that he is now the highest paid middle reliever in baseball.  Alfonso Soriano is the hottest hitter on their team right now.

Cincinnati Reds: There’s not a whole lot of mentionable things going on with the Reds these days.  They’re playing pretty well right now.  Joey Votto is a great prospect that’s been playing quite well so far.  The most exciting player they’ve got in their organization, though (at least for me, personally) is Yonder Alonso, former Miami Hurricane first baseman & all-around nice guy!  He’s currently among the top 50 prospects in all of the minor leagues so know that name for the future!

Milwaukee Brewers: Speaking of former Miami Hurricanes doing well in baseball, in Milwaukee we find Ryan Braun.  He is easily the best player in baseball that is not a household name.  He’s a name in my household but I’m out of the ordinary.  The other star player that they’ve got is Prince Fielder, who is the son of former major leaguer Cecil Fielder.

Houston Astros: According to a Nielsen survey reported by the NY Times, the Astros are one of the most hated teams in baseball.  Personally, I have no problem with them & I don’t know why they would be so hated.  They don’t really win, they don’t have any scandals & they don’t have any players that really cause controversy.  They’re at the bottom of the Central right now & they’re best player is pitcher, Roy Oswalt.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Some teams measure success by winning championships, while others such as the Pirates would say they had a successful season if they finish above 500 (meaning, more wins then losses).  They haven’t had such a season in 13 years (I’m pretty sure it’s 13, give or take a year).  Names are not important about the Pirates, that’s the only thing you need to know.

St. Louis Cardinals: They are arguably the best team in the NL right now & have 1 of the best players ever, Albert Pujols.  He has won the NL MVP award for the past 2 years & it was well-deserved.  He’s still got plenty of years ahead of him & has already put together Hall of Fame numbers.  The best part is, he’s not even the highest paid player on the team.  That title belongs to Matt Holliday, who is also a very good player but he’s no Albert.  Chris Carpenter is their best pitcher.


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