Posted: May 9, 2010 by NattieLiz in Uncategorized

Entering College can be the biggest excitement of a young mans life. The new people  (aka chicks), the new classes, and atmosphere can all be over whelming for an 18 yr old. Well over on the West Coast, at a little school called USC there is a True Freshman that is feeling all that- and THEN some!

Dillon Baxter is a true freshman at USC that has the skills to start next season. He is a running back that showed in his spring game this season, that he came to SC to bring, “the business”. Baxter is a 6’2 running back, that boasted a 58-yard run in the second half of his spring game that saw him bounce outside and cut back across the middle — spinning twice, to avoid potential tacklers. This “Manchild” is not to be missed next season.

It’s never a surprise that the D dominates in spring games….. in the 1st half of the USC game, there were forced fumbles and multiple stops that resulted in a 26-7 lead.

By the way, you know its bad when, your First-year coach Lane Kiffin –joked, telling his players he would revoke their scholarships.

One players scholarship that wasn’t on the line: Baxter. Coach Kiffin is quoted as saying,”Dillon Baxter was a star today,” and then when asked if he had ever seen spin moves like that, Kiffin laughed and responded with, “Yeah, on PlayStation. The R2 button.”

Bottom line is this is the kid to watch this season if you are an SC fan. Barkely can only take a team so far.. he’s gonna need to hand the ball off to some one.. and it looks like this year D. Baxter is his GO TO!!!


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