We Taking Over…1 Sport at a Time

Posted: May 9, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB

In case you didn’t read the previous article about a girl on a guy’s lax team, you should.  Here’s something else that’s really amazing…there is now a female professional baseball player.  I did not say softball, I said baseball. Eri Yoshida just began her career as a professional ballplayer in the US.  She cam from Japan & her goal is to become a major league pitcher. She throws a knuckleball, which in & of itself is amazing.  Girl’s hands are usually not big enough to be able to throw a knuckler. Our fingers are generally not strong enough, but this girl is defying the odds. She taught herself how to throw it by watching videos of Tim Wakefield, a player for the Red Sox who is known for his deadly knuckle ball. She later met him & he gave her some really great insight about it, which she said helped her immensely.

Yoshida is playing for the Chico Outlaws, in an independent league. She will have a separate dressing room, but that’s where the special treatment stops.  She will go through every drill & train with all of the guys. She’s only 18 years old & is very determined to make it & I say all the power to her. She’s actually not the first woman to play baseball professionally but she is the first since 1997, when Ila Borders did it.

If you want to read more, click here.


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