AL West

Posted: May 11, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB
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Just 2 more divisions left & then you, too will be a baseball expert.  Maybe not, but at least you’ll be able to impress some folks.  Today we are looking at the American League West.

Los Angeles Angels: They have been the best in the west for several years.  They are led by one of the best managers in the game, Mike Scioscia.  Torii Hunter is my personal favorite on the team.  He’s extremeley good looking with a smile that melts the heart.  Other big names include Kendry Morales, Bobby Abreu, Hideki Matsui & Joel Pineiro.

Oakland Athletics: The big news with them is the perfect game thrown last night by Dallas Braden.  They’re notorious for playing “money ball”.  Think about what makes money in baseball…the homerun.  But as is often the case, when you live by the homerun, you die by the homerun.  They don’t have great defense or great pitching (except for that a little blip in the radar with Braden.)  On their team is one of my favorite names in baseball…Coco Crisp.  He’s not a superb player but how can you go wrong with a name like that??

Seattle Mariners: A funny story came out today regarding the M’s.  The great Ken Griffey, Jr. is in his twilight baseball years so he’s most often used as a pinch hitter (someone who bats in place of somebody else late in games).  At one point during the game, he went into the clubhouse to get a jacket & never came out.  A young player went in to find him so he could pinch hit & found him asleep at his locker.  He’s getting old but naptime during a game is a bit of a stretch.  They did not wake him & he did not enter the game.  Other names to know are Ichiro (the Madonna of baseball, only known by the 1 name), Cliff Lee & Felix Hernandez.

Texas Rangers: Currently at the top of the division.  Also a very money ball oriented team, but they now have Hall of Fame pitcher, Nolan Ryan as the president of the organization.  He is definitely making a difference because their pitching has been a hell of a lot better & they have a 1st place start to show for it.  Some good names are Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, Nelson Cruz, Vladimir Guerrero & Michael Young.


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