And finally we will look at the National League West division.  Should be a good race in this division because there isn’t one stand out team.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Aren’t off to their best start, but they happen to have a secret weapon on their side that always gets his team to the playofffs.  That weapon is Joe Torre, the manager.  They’ve got a great line-up & great pitching.  Manny Ramirez is a future Hall of Famer.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they turned it around, because if Torre knows how to do one thing, it’s control egos (& nobody has a bigger ego than Manny.)  Rihanna’s boo, Matt Kemp is a star on the team.  They’ve also got Clayton Kershaw & Chad Billingsley on the pitching staff.

San Francisco Giants: They have one of the most beautiful ballparks in the game where homeruns will fall into the San Fran bay.  They also have 2 great pitchers on the team: Tim Lincecum & Barry Zito.  Both are off to terrific starts, which for Zito is even more hope for the Giants, since he signed a huge contract without getting the results right away.  Lincecum is known by several nicknames, “The Freak” being 1 of them because he has a crazy pitching motion.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Currently at the bottom of the division.  They don’t really have a great bullpen, which is their main weakness.  Big names include Dan Haren anddddd that’s about it.  Not an exciting time for the D’Backs.

Colorado Rockies: Early in this 2010 season, 2 no-hitters have been thrown (1 was perfect, 1 was just a no-no.)  The no-hitter was thrown by Rockies starter Ubaldo Jimenez.  If the season ended tomorrow, Jimenez would get the Cy Young.  He’s been amazing even if he didn’t throw a no-hitter.  Todd Helton is the other notable on the team.

San Diego Padres: They haven’t had this good of a start to the season this they went to the World Series in 1998.  They are currently in 1st place in the West & the most amazing part of that statement is that the highest paid player on their team makes less than $5 million a year.  That seems like a lot of money to you & I, but in baseball terms, that’s pretty much just above minimum wage.  Adrian Gonzalez is that highest paid player.


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