ReLAXIN’ in May

Posted: May 11, 2010 by thesank in Uncategorized
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NCAA DI Men's Lacrosse Bracket

 Mother’s Day came and went on Sunday, and with that, we received the 2010 Men’s Lacrosse DI NCAA Tournament Brackets. Some of the traditionals found their way in, including Virginia (#1 seed – ACC Champions), Syracuse (#2),  Maryland (#3), and Princeton (#6 – Ivy League Champions). Some other questionable picks were Hopkins (who face the Dukies), Hofstra (who were ranked in the top 10, but didn’t even make their CAA tournament), and Loyola. Georgetown was the biggest snub (for the third year in a row), and Carolina finds themself in a tougher spot than what their outlook was in the beginning of the year.

Either way, if you love a good lax flow, turf-dogs, or just enjoy following the sport, this year should be a great year for the tournament as the Final Four is hosted Memorial Day weekend in the hotbed of lacrosse, Baltimore, MD. M&T Bank Stadium (where the notable Ravens play) will be packed with fans from all over coming to watch great matchups for the fastest game on two feet.

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