Trendy or Tactical?

Posted: May 11, 2010 by NattieLiz in Fans, MLB, NBA, NFL

 We All know how Madonna got her rockin’ body, and how  Ms. Aniston stays in shape: Yoga. When popular celebs boast about this work out method, it seems to just be another trend that starts in Hollywood and spreads like wild fire.  But every day, top Athletes these days are all trying to find a new edge.  A way to train and perform better. The latest trend has been Professional Athletes hitting their local yoga Studios. Throwing away the weights for a mat…. So What are the real benefits??… is this just a trend or a tactical training technique??

The Purpose:

Kent Katich  owns, “All Sport Yoga” in Westwood, California. He recently took some NBA players on a Yoga Retreat in Bora Bora… (not too shnassy). He claims that, “Yoga improves balance in the body and works the smaller muscles that normally wouldn’t get worked. It also improves the range of motion, whether that means swinging a golf club, throwing a baseball or shooting a basketball. It builds stamina through breath control and teaches techniques for relaxing in tense moments.”

Basketball player LeBron James has been known to do a few poses and says it keeps him healthy. He got so good that the 6’8 King is now capable of a full head stand!!

The trend has arisen not with just Top Athletes, but whole teams are getting on the “Namaste” action. The New York Giants are boasting the Downward Dog more than most teams in the NFL… Trend Setters perhaps?:

The Giants  have added yoga to their pre-season conditioning program. It came from the idea of two players,  Greg Comella and Amani Toomer. They had already been doing yoga on their own. Both had joined a studio in Lower Manhattan. They convinced Head coach, Jim Fassel, and strength coach, John Dunn, that they found it so beneficial it should be added to the six-week spring conditioning program.

The goal of these early morning sessions is — deep breathing, stretching and flexing these big bodies. All things that have been proven to prevent injury. Something that coaches clearly can not object to.  Not only will they be less prone to injury but they will be more flexible and faster.

Here are some testimonials of  athletes that have hopped on the Warrior Practice band Wagon:  (Some of these might shock you)

Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens): “I’m talking about an hour-and-a-half yoga classes at times. And the crazy part about it is, once you actually get into it a good two or three times, you really miss if you don’t do it. It stretches you that much.”

Will Green (Cleveland Browns): “It helps me out on the field…on and off the field it’s a great program. It makes me a lot more flexible and flexibility gives me more speed. It keeps me safe out there on the field when those guys bend me around.”

 Daylan Childress ( Cinniatti Reds): “I’ve had problems with my lower back and tight hips, but the more I do yoga with Sybel the more I enjoy it, because it relieves my body of the stress I’ve been putting it through.”

Now check out this vid of 35- year old hockey star,  Tim Thomas working a few poses with his instructor. PS: his nick name is The Tank!!

So ladies it looks like you wont be the only ones hittin’ yoga classes this summer… which I wont lie, makes going that much more exciting!

Wait, how can I sign up for this class??:

  1. Amy says:

    just was reading about Dwight Howard doing yoga!

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