I Love Your Style

Posted: May 16, 2010 by amyaubrey in Uncategorized

I was watching a Texas Rangers game the other night & I noticed something a little odd.  The usual ads that you see spread around ballparks are for things like beer, trucks & man-things because that’s the audience they tend to aim at.  Traditionally, sports are enjoyed by men so why bother with things that women would enjoy?  As Nelson Cruz went back to make the catch in left field, I saw a new ad that I have never seen in a ballpark before. It was for JC Penney, a very female-oriented store.  It just shows that advertisers are beginning to realize that women are at games & watching them too.  They have begun catering more towards a female audience.  More & more women are becoming interested in sports so they see there is more of a customer base then ever before. What’s next?  Tampax?


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