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Posted: May 18, 2010 by NattieLiz in NBA

Game 2 of the Magic v. Celtics: Tonight

The story remains how will Dwight Howard deal with the frustration of one on one coverage. He is frustrated because every time he plays the Celtics, they seem to give him a run for his money–He is less than 50% shooting…when is normal season average is 61%. He has to make adjustments, and at the same time, His team has to make plays.

Rasheed Wallace is emerging to be the help the Celtics need, which is a bit surprising considering his in season play was not up to par…But now the pieces of the puzzle seem to be fitting. Doc Rivers (head coach) called it 2 months ago…”I see the signs” he said, of a team that was going to make it to the Championships.

Laker Game 1:

The Lakers straight schooled the Suns last night. Kobe scored 40 points (even after having fluid drained from his knee earlier that day) and he almost sat out the entire 4th quarter because of the high scoring the Lakers were throwing up on the boards. Shannon Brown worked the floor and showed HUGE Hops!

Kobe had 11 in the first quarter, Odom 19 points and 19 rebounds. Lakers were up 13 in the 3rd quarter. Steve Nash tried to rally his Suns back, but it proved to be futile. The Lakers come out on top: Lakers 128, Suns: 107

I just have a hunch that in Game 2, Kobe might be getting the double team.

NBA Draft Lottery is tonight… Teams pick a lottery of who will get first pick in the NBA draft this thursday… Our boy John Wall will want to pay attention to who gets first pick.


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