Amazin’ Again

Posted: May 20, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB
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The Mets have the nickname “Amazin'” & although some might say it’s undeserved for them to still have this name, tonight they did something very “Amazin’ worthy”.  Angel Pagan was the 1st person in 55 years to be involved in an inside-the-park homerun & a triple play in the same game.

An inside-the-park homer is rare.  The runner has to be super fast & the ball has to be hit in a spot that outfielders just aren’t in & can’t get to quickly.  It’s tough to get both of these scenarios to happen in 1 play, but they occasionally do.  In tonight’s game, the ball looked like it would be a regular home run but just missed.  It hit off the top of the wall & the fielder ran to catch, jumped into the wall & stumbled getting back to his feet/to the ball.

A triple play? Also very rare.  It took me a few times to realize how tonight’s was a triple play so let me explain it for you.  There were runners on 1st & 2nd.  The ball was hit to centerfield & Pagan ran in to catch the ball & it looked like it would drop in but he caught it.  The runners moved up to the next bases because they figured the ball had dropped.  Since it didn’t, he threw to 2nd base & then they threw to 1st.  The hitter was obviously out because Pagan caught it.  On a fly ball (or a line drive in this case) the runners have to stay on their base until the ball is caught & then can tag up & run ahead.  These runners did not do this so when the ball was thrown to 2nd & 1st, they were both called out because they hadn’t tagged the base.

I hope that cleared it up for you, so when your guy asks tomorrow how that happened, you can show him up.  And by the way, despite the exciting occurences…the Mets still lost!


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