Why We Love: Coach Pete Carroll

Posted: May 24, 2010 by NattieLiz in Uncategorized

1. His personal Motto: ALWAYS COMPETE.  He believes in making every member of the team great. He believes in winning and never giving up. This poem is simple, but its meaningful:


2. His 9 year Reign at USC: He won 7 consecutive Pac- 10 titles, 2 National Championships, and lead the USC Trojans to a 97-19 record.

3. His return to the NFL. After 9 years being a College football great, Carroll took an offer from The Seattle Seahawks to try his hand at being a NFL head coach, again. He was fired from the Jets and Patriots, but now he is back to give it another go round.

4. His work in LA against Gang Violence. He created the non-profit, “A Better LA”. He teamed up with local Law Enforcement and government officials to create critical liaisons in the community. Carroll has become well-known for his going out in the middle of the night to meet and talk to gang members and victims face to face. He started this organization and committed himself to changing LA. Just take a look for yourself.

5.  While at USC he produced 3 Heisman Trophy winners, 42 NFL players, and 30 all americans… Ladies, We should all personally thank Coach Carroll.

6. We love the fact that Pete can take these college kids to championships and bowl games, but still might just be a college kid at heart. He still has a great deal of fun while teaching the importance of hard work:

7. He is number 3 on the Forbes top ten highest paid NFL coaches. Carroll signed a 7 million dollar contract with the Seattle Seahawks. For a guy who just signed onto the NFL again this year, that’s pretty impressive. Hey, you can’t be mad at a guy that gets his hustle on!

8. Players speak highly of the coach… Having the respect and trust of your players is half the battle.

Seahawk defensive end, Lawrence Jackson, describes his new head coach, “He brings the most out of you as a person. He’s a great motivator. He has great people skills.”

9.  We love that Carroll married a fellow athlete. His wife Glena played indoor volleyball at the University of the Pacific. He is not only a great coach but a family man as well. He and his wife have three children, oldest son Brennan, middle daughter Jaime, and youngest son Nathan. And just recently became Grandpa Pete!

10. Who wouldn’t want this guy as their head coach:

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