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USA vs Ghana, Live from… Vegas!

Posted: June 30, 2010 by NattieLiz in Fans, World Cup

Hey Chasers!

Over the weekend I took an amazing girls to trip to none other than, Sin City… Las Vegas, NV. (hence the fact why I didn’t post anything over the weekend). I am lucky enough to have great girl friends that love Sports just as much as I do. So the first stop Saturday morning was to go check out the USA game against Ghana in the World Cup. As we all know now, the outcome didn’t go our way… but even though we lost, I am sure every one here is so proud of our boys. Great Job!

Now here’s your chance to see what its like when LA girls take on Sin City to watch the World Cup… Enjoy!


Omaha, Somewhere in Middle America

Posted: June 30, 2010 by amyaubrey in Uncategorized

What is a game cock?  Aside from about 10 thousand dirty jokes, a Game Cock is now a College Baseball champion.  The University of South Carolina has won the College World Series, beating UCLA in 2 games.  It was a great game & they won it in extra innings.  They were considered the home team in this game so they got to win in walk-off fashion.  It’s only the 2nd championship that any sports team at USC has ever won (the other was I believe in track & field.)

This was also the last College World Series game to ever be played at Rosenblatt Stadium.  This has been the home of the CWS since 1950.  The series will still be played in Omaha next year (& every year forevere after) but they will be in a brand new stadium.  It was a bittersweet series all week, because nobody wanted to leave the old gal.  So many players and coaches have passed through there & I’m sure playing there was up there among their favorite memories.


Elite Eight

Posted: June 30, 2010 by amyaubrey in Soccer, World Cup

I’m pretty sure they don’t call it the Elite 8 in soccer but that’s what i call it.  The World Cup has been narrowed down to eight teams.  Today was a very big game against Spain & my boyfriend Cristiano’s team, Portugal.  The US is gone & so are some of the early favorites, such as France, England & the last World Cup champ Italy.

There will be a break for a few days & the next game will be on Friday & here’s what we’ve got left in Eastern Standard Time…

Friday, 10 AM: Netherlands v Brazil

Friday, 2 PM: Uruguay v Ghana

Saturday, 10 AM: Argentina v Germany

Saturday: 2 PM: Paraguay v Spain

These should all be good games, especially Argentina-Germany.  All I know is that I’m in a couple of contests & I’ve got 2 of the 8 teams left so I’ve got a pretty good chance of winning!

In Case You Missed it…

Posted: June 27, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB, Soccer, USA, World Cup

A few things have happened this weekend in the sports world so in case you missed it, here they are…

The 4th (5th*) no-hitter this season was thrown on Friday.  Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Edwin Jackson added onto 2010 being the year of the pitcher.  It’s the 2nd no-hitter this year thrown against the Rays, which is no small feat considering they are a very good team.  Jackson threw 149 pitches, which is the most in the majors in 5 years.  He also had 8 walks, which without fact checking, I’d say that’s the most ever in a no-hitter but double check that before you go blabbing it around.

The Yankees & Dodgers played each other for the first time since Joe Torre left the Yankees & began managing the Dodgers.  Friday was the first time that Torre had to get the sinking feeling that manager’s get when the opposing team brings in Mariano Rivera.  It was the first time he ever had to hope Derek Jeter & Jorge Posada didn’t get a hit.  He & Joe Girardi hugged each other & posed for pictures when they brought the lineup cards to the umpire.  It wasn’t without controversy because since his book came out, he & Alex Rodriguez haven’t been on the best of terms & they didn’t speak to each other Friday.

Ghana ended the US soccer team’s glorious run at the World Cup.  Ghana took an early 1-0 lead but the US was once again able to come from behind with a penalty kick from Landon Donovan.  The game went into overtime tied 1-1 & Ghana once again took the lead early in extra time.  Did the US have it in them once again to come from behind and win this one?  No we did not.  All of our luck unfortunately ran out.

The World Reaction

Posted: June 24, 2010 by NattieLiz in Soccer, USA, World Cup

On Wednesday morning, history was made at the World Cup. The USA was dueling it out with Algeria, and nothing seemed to be panning out for either team.  For those of us that watched this game, it was tension filled, and almost painful to watch as shot after shot attempt did not come up successful…that is, until the 91st minute of the game. With only 4 minutes remaining Landon Donovan scored a game winning goal for the US .

Landon’s goal was one of the most exciting moments in sports, and over 300 million people around the world watched the drama unfold in South Africa. This video is a great glimpse at USA fans from around the world, and their reaction to Donovan’s game winning goal.

U-S-A!! Let’s Go!!  Next Game is Saturday, against Ghana at 2:30pm Eastern.

Ps. great stuff around 3:40

They Just Keep Going & Going & Going…

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Today was the day that the longest tennis match in history finally came to an end.  John Isner defeated Nicolas Mahmut in an 11 hour, 5 minute match.  They began playing 2 days ago but the match was called because of darkness.  They continued their match bright & early yesterday at 9:30 AM but it too, was suspended due to darkness.  They continued again today & Isner finally was able to outduel Mahmut in the 5th set 70-68.  Isner finished with 112 aces & Mahmut finished with 103, completely blowing the previous record of 78 out of the water.

Let’s put this in perspective.  The previous record for longest match was 6 hours, 33 minutes, this almost doubled that.  Previous record of number of games was 112, this one had 183.  Previous longest set? 25-23.

Things you could do in 11 hours?  Watch the last season of Sex & the City plus the first movie.  Drive from San Francisco to Boise, Idaho or fly from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia.  Run a couple of marathons.  Walk a marathon’s length quite slowly.

This was just the first round, so now Isner has to go out again tomorrow & try to keep playing.  He’s pretty much screwed, but at least he’s making headlines none-the-less.  He wasn’t a favorite to win but he’s now the most talked about man at Wimbledon.  It sucks that anyone had to lose such a match, but either way it’s amazing.

LADIES!  It is time to unveil to you, our first Sexy male correspondent!

Enter: Jimbo Sharp… Ex College Soccer player, Current LA stunt man, Sports fanatic, and one hysterical hottie!

Jim and I have been friends for a while and worked on a few different projects together. I thought it was time for me to stop being greedy and “share” him with you all…. Wink wink… NO not like that!  Get yo mind outta the gutter ladies!  I mean share his stories!

Here is Jimbo’s Take on the Lakers 2010 Championship Victory Parade. ENJOY!