In case you missed it….

Posted: June 1, 2010 by NattieLiz in MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL

So here is the quickest recap I can give you ladies of the weekend events:

1. Lakers and Celtics made it to the big show. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics will be headed into Game 1 of the NBA Championship this Thursday. It’s going to be a tough series so I suggest you find a bar and a buddy… it’s time to park yourself in front of that TV girls.

2. Duke wins the Lacrosse Championship over the weekend in over time. Duke defeated Notre Dame in over time in front of serious LAX fans while playing in none other than the Raven’s M&T Bank Stadium in Good Ol Baltimore Maryland. This was the boys 1st Lax Nat’l. Championship in School History. (the winning goal was scored in the 1st 5 seconds of over time… we like this)

3. UGH. Our archenemy, Ben Roethlisberger is back to Steelers practice for the rest of the summer. Oh, he’s back alright, looking skinnier and surprisingly less creepy. But the great news is that after his less than attractive behavior he is still going to be suspended for 6 games during the 2010 season.

4. The Stanley Cup Update: So Far the Chicago Blackhawks are leading the charge against the Philly Flyers in the series, 2-0. The next game is tomorrow night at 8pm.

5.And nope, Lebron hasn’t decided where he will play next year. The free agent seems to be leaning with his home town Cavs… but we have yet to see what Chicago or the Nets have ready to offer him.

6. Phillies Roy Halladay threw a perfect game over the weekend in Miami, making that the 20th perfect game in MLB history.

And ladies I think that got you all caught up! Have a great week…Remember, there are plenty of exciting games to watch this week


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