OH EM GEE! so much Gossip

Posted: June 2, 2010 by NattieLiz in NBA

Over what should of been a relaxing Memorial Day weekend, The Ladies of Vh1’s Basketball Wives, taped thier drama filled reunion special, which we can assume was far from relaxing.  If  you have ever seen just one minute of this show, you wont find it a huge shocker that at the taping of this reunion, the police were called and one of the skanks was laid out on the ground. According to RadarOnline, this is how the cat fight went down:

Suzie Ketcham, Ex Gf of NBA player, Micheal Olowokondi was enraged when the arrival of a “Special Guest” was announced.  That special guest was none other than “Sandra” the infamous Groupie of the show, that Ketcham had already laid the smack down on the 1st episode of the show.

Well, Ketcham walked off the stage, pissed off, only to come back with a bucket of water to throw at Sandra… First of all, these producers should be ashamed of themselves! I doubt she just found a random bucket to fill with water.. let’s be honest here.

After being dowsed with the bucket, Sandra got up to defend herself and basically ate shit. She was treated on stage and police came to arrest and question poor little miss Suzie Ketcham.

I’m not gonna lie, I really do want to see this fight all out.. June 2oth, @ 10pm on VH1… I can not WAIT!

Onto the Next one, some older news that you may not know:

If you are Reality TV junkie like myself, you are all too familar with “The Bad Girls Club” and the infamous  “I  RUN LA” loud mouth, Natalie Nunn.  Well she did talk about getting – 20 G’s every tuesday- from the NFL, but she has sinced moved on from Jersey Chasing, to Jersey CATCHING.  Again, from our friends RadarOnline, Natalie is dating none other than NBA Denver Nugget Star, Ty Lawson.  I  know a few ladies who just died inside.  It’s ok, if he has seen one episode of the show,  he will run for the hills very soon.. but hey, to each his own!

And last but certainly not least, our favorite Ex Playmate and funny girl, Kendra Wilkinson is selling some brand new, ummm… “sports equipment”  AKA  a stripper pole for your home.  But I have to say, she gives it a clever name, “Sports Pole”…. riiight. ok then.


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