Posted: June 3, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB
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So far this baseball season, there have been 2 major story lines: perfect games & awful umpires.  Tonight, both of these topics came crashing together into one heartbreaking story.

There have been 2 perfect games thrown this year, one by Dallas Braden & the other by Roy Halladay.  And it’s only June 2!  The only other time there has been 2 perfect games in 1 season? 1880.  So yea, you can say it’s been a while.  It has never happened that 3 perfectos have been thrown in 1 year, let alone within 1 month’s time of each other.  Tonight this feat was accomplished with an asterisk*.  Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers came within 1 out of the amazing accomplishment.  After a spectacular catch to start the bottom of the 9th by rookie sensation Austin Jackson, it seemed like destiny that it would be happening again.  With 2 outs, there was a ground ball that was fielded by the 1st baseman, who threw it to the pitcher & just as they began celebrating, the umpire called him safe.  Looking at replays showed that he was clearly out by a mile (or at least a mile in baseball terms.)  Next batter grounded out & the game was over.  The 1st 28 out perfect game is what they’re calling it, because that’s what it definitely was.  The call cannot be overturned so it will not be considered a perfect game, unless of course you witnessed it because then you know that it was.

The best umpires are the ones that do not make themselves part of the game.  This season began when Joe West called out the Yankees & Red Sox by saying their games took too long (which they do).  But the reason for this is that both teams are known to take a lot of pitches, which tires out the starter so you get into the bullpen.  It’s one of the reasons why these are two of the best teams over the past decade.  It was the one thing that Yankee & Red Sox fans have agreed on in a long time: bad call Joe West.  Let me tell you a little something about West.  He is an obese grump who has a publicist & a country music album.  He wants to be famous, so hence he does not want to be an invisible umpire.  Since then, several managers & players have been thrown out of games for arguing bad calls.  This is something that happens in baseball from time to time but not at the frequency that it has this season.   Numerous umps have been fined for not doing their jobs properly & trying to be the story of the game.  Joe Maddon, the manager of the Tampa Bay Rays was thrown out the other night & West happened to be there.  He immediately ran over to West & said it was all his fault that this has been happening (probably not in such a nice way, though.)

After tonight’s game, Jim Joyce (the umpire) admitted that he was wrong after seeing replays & apologized to Galarraga, who was the most gracious person I have ever seen.  His teammates were not so accepting & were arguing & yelling at the ump after the game was over.  The pitcher said nobody is perfect & there was nothing to be upset about & he thought the umpire was probably more upset then he was.  Good for you.  You’re perfect in my book!


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