The Tale of Two Cities: NBA Finals

Posted: June 5, 2010 by NattieLiz in Fans, NBA


So we are one game into the NBA Finals. The Lakers came out and used pure team work to dominate the first of seven games on their home court last Thursday. Kobe played like the God he is, with a slew of 2’s and 3’s, free throws, and even sprinkled in a few dunks. The Lakers out scored and out played what looked like to be an unprepared Boston team.

This is a rivalry that goes back about 21 years. It was rekindled two years ago in the Finals when the Celtics schooled the Lakers, and came up NBA champions. In all, they have played 11 times for the title, with Boston holding a 9-2 advantage. It’s almost fair to say these two teams hate each other.

Next game: Sunday @ Lakers…. Fyi, It’s historical fact that if the Lakers win Game 1 of the Finals, they are taking that trophy home to LA in the end. Girls, if you like drama, excitement, cattiness, and hot sweaty men battling it out for respect, I’d say watching the NBA Finals this weekend is right up there with going to see Sex in the City II.


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