Let’s Chop this Tree: TIMBER!

Posted: June 6, 2010 by NattieLiz in Fans, Stanford University

If you follow college sports over here on the West coast you have heard of Stanford University.  It’s in northern California and its completely gorgeous, with great academics, and depending on the year a pretty solid athletic program…. But with all that said, there is one thing at Stanford that completely SUCKS!!!! Exhibit A:  THE TREE.

Just take a moment to take this all in. 1st of all, and not to be rude, but WTF is this thing?? The ironic thing is that Stanford does not officially have a mascot. This Tree monster is actually a member of the Band, but has always been mistaken for the schools Mascot.  In addition to that, the team name, “Stanford Cardinal” has absolutely nothing to do with this big ol ugly tree. Simple put, its just the schools color… again, super lame. Lets get creative here people!

Stanford wins for the least intimidating, ugliest, and most absurd mascot. I feel bad for the students on this one, a baby lamb could pump me up more than this thing can. Take a look for yourself:

  1. amyaubrey says:

    also hard to get pumped up when you only have 5 cheerleaders

  2. Steven says:

    It is Stanford Cardinal – not Cardinals – as in Cardinal Red, the school color

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