Party in the USA & England & Africa & well, Everywhere!

Posted: June 7, 2010 by amyaubrey in Soccer

The most exciting international event is about to begin: the World Cup.  Granted in the US, people are more inclined to watch a meaningless June baseball game then a soccer game but there are plenty of things to be excited for.

Reason #1) Cristiano Ronaldo.

Need I say more?  He plays for Real Madrid, but in the World Cup he’ll be reppin’ Portugal.  So if you want to follow my lead, just cheer for him to score a goal so he rips off his shirt.  He was recently spotted out with Kim Kardashian, but he is the most sought-after man in all of Europe so it appears he’s keeping all of his options open & we all know how Kim K. wants something more serious.  Everyone knows how gorgeous David Beckham is, but he will unfortunately not be playing for England in the WC.  He’s going to be there for moral support but no shirts off for him.  But with this evidence that I have just presented you of 2 of the best looking guys in the world playing soccer, you can be pretty sure there are plenty more, so watch & see for yourself.

Reason #2) More summer party excuses.  I mean, who doesn’t love one more reason to have a party?  The US has their first game this Saturday.  We’re playing England & it’s one of the most anticipated matches in years.  So get on your red, white & blue, grab some Budweisers & have a good old-fashioned American bbq & cheer for your country!  There are matches every day so you can have a fiesta for the Opening game of Mexico v. South Africa or throw on your kimonos for Japan v. Cameroon.  The possibilities are endless for the next month.  A new party every day sounds like an excellent idea to me!


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