$ Shake your Money Maker $

Posted: June 7, 2010 by NattieLiz in NBA

The NBA Finals is in full swing. In Game 2 last night the Celtics won at Staples making the series now tied, 1-1. The Lakers now travel to Boston for a 3 game series starting this Tuesday. ( follow them on twitter @lakers and @celtics to get all the team updates)

It is great competition and in this series especially, the rivalry is fierce. But lets face it there is one thing, and one thing only that makes the world go round, and that’s: CASH MONEY!!!

I know it’s the most boring subject in the world, but just to make things interesting, Let’s Do The Math:

Tickets: Tickets for the NBA Finals are priced lowest at $300 for the highest nose bleeds, and $17, 700 for the best seats in the house. I personally sold 2 tickets in the 2nd row for $3, 000  for Game 2. Right there is a pure profit for each of these 2 teams, oh but wait, there is more!

Players: First let’s already keep in mind that 3 of the highest played NBA players are in the finals: Ray Allen, $19,766,860; Paul Pierce, $19,795,712; And Kobe Bryant, $23,034,375. My guess it that Rando, Gasol, Garnett, and Odom are not too far behind in these numbers either. And in the end, whether they win or lose each team gets an addition bonus for making it to the finals. The Laker’s pay roll is 91.4 Million dollars, while the Celtics isn’t far behind with 86.5 million. In the words of the oh inspiring Snoop D O Double G, “It pays the cost to be the Boss”.

Merch and TV: The TV contracts alone with ABC, TNT, and ESPN are an estimated 28 million. It is estimated that your favorite Lakers dog leash, game day T-shirt and jersey add to the 5 million dollars of merchandise revenue.

It’s no surprise that this is a big money business… but sometimes knowing all of these numbers might ruin the spirit of the sport. So I hope I didn’t burst any bubbles here, ruingn the idea that they play, “For the Love of the Game”. Just something to think about.


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