Stanley Cup Finals – Game 6

Posted: June 8, 2010 by thesank in Uncategorized

The puck drops tomorrow night in Philadelphia for Game 6 of the
Stanley cup. The Blackhawks came out in game 5 and took the game right
from the start, jumping up 3-0 and never looking back. Game 6 should
be a little different. The Flyers have played the whole playoffs with
their backs against the wall. Remember, they were down 3-0 to Boston
and came back to win in game 7 (and they trailed in that game 3-0!) so
don’t count them out just yet. People always talk about momentum in a
series, but that’s not the case. Players get amped up before every
game and hockey players especially have a short term memory about

Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Blackhawks are the better team in this series, but I just can’t
see them winning in Philly. Michael Leighton has been hot in net all
playoffs for the Flyers and finally came down to earth in game 5. Look
for him to bounce back. The Blackhawks took advantage of Jonathan
Toews being line mates with Marian Hossa. This allowed him to free
lance more and not have to worry about sharing the puck with superstar
Patrick Kane. It also caused the Flyers to pick which line they wanted
to match their top D guy, Chris Pronger, up with, leaving either Kane
or Toews to not have to worry about the big guy coming after them. The
matchups caused a lot of problems for Philadelphia and Kane had a big
night and Toews created a ton of offense.

Although the Blackhawks won the pivotal game 5, the Flyers can take a
lesson from Pittsburgh who lost game 5 last year and won both games 6
and 7 to win the Cup.  If this game does indeed end up back in
Chicago, bet the house on the Blackhawks. I just have a feeling
Michael Jordan will end up scoring the game winning shot because
that’s just what happens in the United Center.


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