Why We Love: Yasmani Grandal

Posted: June 8, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB, University of Miami

Everybody has a little bias of their own & this blog tends to lean a bit towards the U, considering we all went there for grad school.  While we were there, we tended to hit up a lot of sporting events.  Enter Miami baseball.  Yasmani Grandal was just a wee wittle baby freshman when we were there but we definitely saw that potential.

10. He is now a full-blown adult & my, my, my has he filled out nicely.  He is a catcher so it’s always a treat having seats right behind home plate just for the show.

9. He was originally drafted in 2007 by the Boston Red Sox, but he chose to go to the U instead because his parents wanted him to have an education.

8. He & his family emigrated from Cuba when he was 9 years old.  They had nothing there so when they came to America, they became a true American dream story.

7. He is a very hot commodity.  He’s a switch-hitter, which means he can hit from both sides of the plate.  He hit over .400 this year.  College catchers who play good defense & can call their own games are rare enough, let alone one that hits over .400.  He’s also got great power.

6. When he first joined baseball, he was too small to play so the coach told him he could only watch & be the bat boy.

5. When he & his family first got here, he would sit on his couch & watch TV because they only had 2 channels in Cuba & now there were so many more.  He gained 20 pounds over the 1st few months so in order to get some exercise, a family friend put him into a local baseball league & shuttled him back & forth to practice.

4. Since becoming a US citizen 5 years after arriving, he has played for Team USA’s championship team at the 2009 World Baseball challenge.

3. He is always the first one at practice & is a real motivator to his teammates.  He plays with one goal: get to the College World Series.

2. He won the ACC Player of the year honors this year.  He is the 2nd Miami Hurricane to be selected for this, the other being current Milwaukee Brewers star, Ryan Braun.  Yasmani is in the running for lots of big college baseball awards, including a Johnny Bench Award finalist & a Golden Spikes award semi-finalist.  He was also named a Louisville Slugger All-American this year.

1. Last night was the MLB Draft & he was selected 12th overall by the Cincinnatti Reds.  He is the 7th Hurricane to be drafted in the 1st round in the past 6 years & the 2nd by the Reds in the past 3 (the other was Yonder Alonso, who happened to be his BFF.)

  1. Natalie says:

    ah. i am in love. great great piece i must say!

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