What do the World Cup & College Baseball have in Common?

Posted: June 9, 2010 by amyaubrey in Soccer

I debated about whether to write about the College World Series or the World Cup.  I planned to explain how the playoffs works for the World Cup & realized it works almost the same way as College Baseball, so why not combine the two?  Oh, how the little things excite me.


The World Cup starts out with the “Group Stage”.  There are 8 groups that are classified by letters & 4 countries play in each group.  The US is in Group C, along with England, Algeria & Slovenia.  (If you want all the schedules & info here you go… http://soccernet.espn.go.com/world-cup/fixtures).  Each team plays each other once & the 2 teams with the best records advance on to the Round of 16.  Basically if you win twice, you’re in.  In the Round of 16, A plays B, C plays D & so on.  This is just one & done for the rest of the bracket down from 16, 8, 4 & then to the final 2.

In College Baseball, instead of it being called the “Group Stage” it’s called Regionals.  Instead of 8 groups, there are 16. The main difference is that only the 1 team with the best record moves on to the next round.  In Regionals, it is a double-elimination, so if you lose twice then you’re out.  Next stage is Super Regionals & this is a best of 3 series between 2 teams, so in order to move on you need to win 2 games.  Currently, we’re up to Super Regionals, which start on Friday.  Whoever wins their Super Regional matchup moves onto the promised land of College Baseball: Omaha, Nebraska.  With 8 teams remaining, they have another double elimination round to narrow it down to 2 final teams.  The Championship series is again, best of 3.


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