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Posted: June 22, 2010 by thesank in Soccer

You’re either in or you’re ous –

At 10AM ET today, the turmoiled French team will play for their survival in the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Even though some teams find themselves in this situation, the French have had a whirlwind of a trip and proven to the rest of the world that the team’s own stubborn pride reigns over national pride. 


The Frenchies have been at each other’s throats – the team boycotted practicing on Sunday due to the fact that Head Coach Raymond Domenech dismissed teammember Nicolas Anelka after a very heated argument with Domenech during halftime of their Mexico game. To add insult to injury, the French team director resigned & the fitness coach fought it out with team captain Evra, throwing his credential and storming off.


France did practice yesterday, however as of this morning, Domenech took away captianship from Evra & is not playing him, nor stars Florent Malouda & Thierry Henry – this is huge.

According to ESPN.com, France plays South Africa in a Group A match

 it needs to win to stand a chance of advancing. It also needs a winner in the Mexico-Uruguay game to avoid a repeat of the 2008 European Championship, when it went out in the first round.

With this lack of leadership, national pride, and teamwork, it seems as though the country of France will see it’s World Cup dreams shattered (especially against the home team of South Africa). Talked about going from Hero to Zero…

  1. layla says:

    When has France been anyone’s hero??? I beleive everyone who is American should hate France due to their snooty attitudes and smelly arm pits. I’m glad they are out and they should be because the whole country is full of whiney cry babies. USA!

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