Victory March

Posted: June 22, 2010 by NattieLiz in Los Angeles Lakers

Monday was the Lakers Championship Victory Parade. A double-decker bus and an 18 wheel flat-bed truck filled with players was waved on by an estimated 500, 000 to 2 million Lakers fans. People drove from all over the Los Angeles area and beyond ( one lady said she drove over 2 hours) to get a glimpse of their heroes. This parade was for the fans and players to officially celebrate the Lakers 16th NBA title.  A championship series that one was a bit sweeter than all the rest. The Celtics/ Lakers rivalry is one of the best, and all the players agreed that this title meant more to them because they beat the oh so hated Boston Celtics.

The Lakers seemed to be humble winners as they waved for about an hour down Figueroa, from the Staple Center to the USC campus. When asked about next year, they all agreed that a Three-pete was the goal. “When next season starts, we’ll be ready, that’s for sure,” Bryant told reporters. He added that of his five titles, “this is the best one by far because it was the hardest one to get.” One key member not in attendance was head coach, Phil Jackson. He missed the parade due to previously scheduled medical appointments. It is rumored that health issues would be the only thing stopping the “Zen Master” from coaching the Champions again next year.

The real good news here: All the knuckle heads stayed home! Only 9 people were arrested out of the 500, 000. Stay classy, Los Angeles.


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