In Case You Missed it…

Posted: June 27, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB, Soccer, USA, World Cup

A few things have happened this weekend in the sports world so in case you missed it, here they are…

The 4th (5th*) no-hitter this season was thrown on Friday.  Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Edwin Jackson added onto 2010 being the year of the pitcher.  It’s the 2nd no-hitter this year thrown against the Rays, which is no small feat considering they are a very good team.  Jackson threw 149 pitches, which is the most in the majors in 5 years.  He also had 8 walks, which without fact checking, I’d say that’s the most ever in a no-hitter but double check that before you go blabbing it around.

The Yankees & Dodgers played each other for the first time since Joe Torre left the Yankees & began managing the Dodgers.  Friday was the first time that Torre had to get the sinking feeling that manager’s get when the opposing team brings in Mariano Rivera.  It was the first time he ever had to hope Derek Jeter & Jorge Posada didn’t get a hit.  He & Joe Girardi hugged each other & posed for pictures when they brought the lineup cards to the umpire.  It wasn’t without controversy because since his book came out, he & Alex Rodriguez haven’t been on the best of terms & they didn’t speak to each other Friday.

Ghana ended the US soccer team’s glorious run at the World Cup.  Ghana took an early 1-0 lead but the US was once again able to come from behind with a penalty kick from Landon Donovan.  The game went into overtime tied 1-1 & Ghana once again took the lead early in extra time.  Did the US have it in them once again to come from behind and win this one?  No we did not.  All of our luck unfortunately ran out.


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