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Let’s take a look at what some of the most anticipated NFL Rookies signed this week and for how much! because this year it was record-breaking!!!

11. Toby Gerhart: $3.767 million over 4 years with the Vikings, with $1.9 guarenteed.

10. Jahvid Best: $9.8 million over 5 years with the Detroit Lions

9. Tim Tebow: $11.25 million over 5 years with the Denver Broncos, with $8.7 guarenteed. Over the 5 years Tebow could earn up to $33 million.

8. Dez Bryant: $11.8 million over 5 years with the Dallas Cowboys, with $8.5 million guaranteed.

7. Kareem Jackson: $13.1 million over 4 years with the Houston Texans, with 10.3 guarenteed.

6. Sean Weatherspoon: $17.8 million over 5 years with the Atlanta Falcons, with 10.5 guarenteed. He was the 19th pick over all in the NFL draft.

5. Anthony Davis: $26.5 million over 5 years with the San Fransisco 49ers, with $16 million guaranteed.

4. Rolondo McClain: $40 Million over 5 years with the Raiders, with $23 million guaranteed.

3. Eric Berry: $60 million over 6 years with the Chiefs. #5 over all draft pick, now the highest paid safety in NFL history.

2. Trent Williams: $60 million over 6 years with the Redskins, with a 36.5 guarenteed. #4 over all draft pick

1. Sam Bradford: $78 million over 6 years with the Rams, with $50 million guaranteed. This is the most money guaranteed in NFL history. He could max out this contract at $86 million dollars. Mind you, he hasn’t even had one preseason throw.

3 Big Anticipated Negotiations:

Ndamukong Suh — arguably the best player in the 2010 draft– has yet to seal a deal with the Lions

Joe Haden, the no. 7 over all draft pick, is still negotiating his deal with the Cleveland Browns.

CJ Spiller-who was picked 9th over all-hasn’t finalized things with the Bills, and reportedly told Sporting News, “I let my agent handle all of that. We’re not going to rush.We’re going to make sure we cross our T’s and dot our I’s, however long the process takes. I just have to be patient.”


JJ is the Man

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Jimmy Johnson made The University of Miami, the most hated football team in the ’80’s. He led them to a College Football Championship. He then moved to The Dallas Cowboys and earned them 2 Super Bowl wins. He is the ultimate coach. But is he the ultimate SURVIVOR??

That’s right, Jimmy Johnson is going to be a contestant on the upcoming CBS reality show: Survivor, Nicaragua.

Johnson, 67, started filming in June and will be back for FOX NFL Sunday’s this season. He tried out for the show in 2008, but failed the physical test, and has since lost the necessary weight. Now that is determination, we expect nothing less from this winner! Good Luck JJ!!! Make us proud!

Survivor: Nicaragua” will be broadcast in September on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

Shrek and Donkey

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So at this point, if you haven’t heard that our boy T.O. has signed with the Bengals, then 1. we let you down, or 2. you live under a rock. And well, I would like to def take the latter. Terrell Owens has signed a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals which happens to be the home of another out spoken receiver, Ocho Cinco.  Oh yes ladies, the hotties of the back to back VH1 reality shows will now be frolicking on the same team this year. We can all expect this upcoming season to be quite the spectacle on and off the field.

The addition of T.O. means that Carson Palmer will not only have one, but two future hall of fame receivers to launch the ball to. Owens arrived today in Cincinnati to sign his contract and make the deal official. Owens managed to get himself a $2 million salary, with a chance to make another $2 million in bonuses. Owens could earn $333,000 each for passing the following milestones: 60 catches, 100 catches, 900 receiving yards, 1,300 receiving yards, 10 touchdowns and 14 touchdowns, (Via ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter).

The media has been all over this story, but our favorite place to get news is, well of course Twitter. “The Ultimate Catch” himself and Mr. Owens have already started to embrace the idea of being the next has Dynamic Duo:

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A Sport or Not a Sport?

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It’s been a on-going debate for years, but a recent ruling has declared that cheerleading is not a sport.  Not according to Title IX anyway.  U.S. District Judge Stefan Underhill ruled last Wednesday that Quinnipiac University in Connecticut could not replace its women’s volleyball team with a competitive cheering squad.  If you don’t know what Title IX is, it’s a ruling by the NCAA saying that schools must give equal athletic opportunities to men & women.    According to, a sport is defined as “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.”

Anyone who has ever been on a competitive cheerleading team or has been to a competition in person, knows that this ruling is complete BS.  If anything, cheerleading should be considered an extreme sport.  I’m not talking about girls who cheer on the side-lines at basketball games, I’m talking about competitive cheerleading.  I was formerly a cheerleader on a very competitive team.  Every school that I cheered for looked to our team as our one chance of winning state championships in one “sport”.  It was never a question where I am from whether or not cheerleading was a sport.  It is.  I have played basketball, softball, ran track & cheered.  Nothing whipped my ass into better shape then cheerleading & nothing required more athletic ability.

Why are activities such as bowling & archery categorized as sport & cheerleading is not?  We had two-a-day practices.  We ran, stretched, pushed-up, pulled-up, crunched & then had practice after all of that.  Lifting weights?  How about lifting a 110 pound girl above your head over & over.  We went to camp & I’ve never come home with more bruises in my life.  I can’t tell you how many girls broke bones, sprained ankles & pulled hamstrings but they kept going.  I’d like to see bowlers do that.  Better yet, I’d like to see bowlers do that while tumbling, jumping & dancing in sync with 25 other people all while wearing a skirt.  You judge for yourself, but you can tell where I stand.

The Year of the Pitcher: Part 5

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It seems like we write up new stories about great pitching at least once a month this season. Oh wait, that’s because we do. Well here is one more to add to the list: Matt Garza pitched a no hitter yesterday, the 5th one this season. He actually faced the minimum of 27 batters, but he walked one guy & got the double-play the next batter so he wasn’t perfect. It was the first no-hitter thrown in Tampa Bay Rays history.

Last night, both pitchers had no-no’s going into the 6th inning. Max Scherzer of the Tigers walked 2 guys & another reached base because of catcher’s interference. Next batter, Matt Joyce hits a grand slam breaking up Scherzer’s bid. In the 9th, Garza got Ramon Santiago to fly out to right to seal the deal.

The Rays have been on the wrong side of no-hitters 3 times since last year, 2 of which have been perfect games. Mark Buehrle & Dallas Braden’s perfectos & Edwin Jackson’s no-no were all against the Rays. Now the only 2 teams that haven’t thrown no-hitters in their team’s history are the Mets & the Padres. When a pitcher is throwing a no-hitter, superstition says the other players shouldn’t be near him. Garza said after the game that they weren’t staying away from him but they were standing in the exact same spots they stood in all game without moving. Well it obviously worked for Matt, congratulations!

Rivalry Renewed!

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It’s the one thing all ‘Canes fans have been waiting for since the ’80’s: To play Notre Dame again.  It is a rivalry that has finally been renewed: Notre Dame will play the Hurricanes on Oct. 6, 2012 at Soldier Field in Chicago and then have a home-and-home series Oct. 8, 2016 in South Bend and Nov. 25, 2017 in Miami.

The thanksgiving weekend date is a big change for the Fighting Irish, as they normally end their season with a nice ass kicking in Los Angeles, compliments of  USC. I guess they will just move to another sunny big city and try their luck in a new venue. I think Irish and Hurricane fans are more than excited about this news. For all other football fans that may not see the significance here, Let me give you some history on this EPIC Rivalry:

Let’s start with the fact that shockingly, the Irish weren’t always an awful team!  They actually won games! The rivalry dates back to the 1950s and Notre Dame leads the series 15-7-1. In the 1988 game Notre Dame student printed up “Catholics vs. Convicts” T-shirts for a matchup in South Bend between the top-ranked Canes against the No. 4 Irish. Notre Dame won the game 31-30 en route to a national championship that season. But as we all know winning is the best revenge, and the very next year, Miami won thanks to a 3rd-and-43 conversion, a game that ended the top-ranked Irish’s 23-game winning streak and led Miami to a national title. Damnnnnn!  With any good rivalry, the other team has to respond, and Notre Dame is no exception: After the 29-20 victory by the Irish in 1990 — which knocked Miami out of the national title hunt and helped Notre Dame go the Orange Bowl with a chance to win another championship — this is when the series was stopped.

So that brings us to 2012 – the first game between the two teams in 22 years. So get out your 80’s ‘Catholics vs Convicts’ tee shirts!  Although you might have to switch them considering 8 ND players were just arrested over the summer.. who knows how many will be in the slammer by 2012. Ha ha ha bias much?? Lets go ‘Canes!



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Don’t Let the Goal Line Ruin your Waist Line!

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For girls that love sports, the greatest event of each season is being able to actually go to the game. Getting the girls together for a baseball game, taking your man out to see his favorite team, or tail gating with the family. They are all exciting events, but as we all know some great times can be costly on a girl’s waist line. I mean the idea is to flirt with the line backer, not look like one.  So I decided to give you a few facts and create a quick Stadium Survival Guide.  Now don’t feel bad, I didn’t know any of these facts before writing this, and trust me, I have ordered all of thee above: but DEF never will ever again!

First, let’s go over some of the WORSE  and BEST things you can order at the Concession stands:

HOLY HANNAH! Don’t eat all day and maybe you can get  the Nachos: Calories 1101  — not to mention the 59 grams of Fat (I’m not condoning not eating all day- the nachos are totally not worth it!)

And then there is the Peanuts (so FUN! not so fun on those thighs): Calories 1280 (4 cup serving size…which you probably won’t get down anyways)

Personal Pan Pizza: Calories 660

OMG! Stay away from the tubs of Popcorn: Calories 573

The good ol’ Stadium Hot dog hits us at a low: Calories 464

The sleeper of the group: The Soft Pretzel: Calories 488

CheeseburgerCalories 450 / Hamburger: Calories 400

Chicken Sandwich: Calories 460

Drinking a “Nick Lachey” (aka Cold Iced Miller Light): Calories 163   (My Advice is to just drink yourself silly and not bother with the food!)

My personal favorite guilty pleasure: Churros: Calories 326

Fruit cup: Calories 80  (Which I have yet to SEE at a Stadium)


OK let’s all take a breath and realize this is not the end of the world, that many of us have not only ordered one of these things, but have been multiple offenders in one sitting. But now that the cat is out of the bag we can come up with a solid plan to get around the concession Stand Blues.

Survival Tips:

1. GO OUT TO DINNER BEFORE THE GAME!!!!  This way you can meet up and get a solid and healthy meal in before the game. Then when you get there you can sit and enjoy the game in its entirety without having to get up and down for food and still know that you got a good solid meal in before hand.

2. When all else fails, Looks like you have to go with the hot dog or hamburger. This comes as a shocker to me, but it actually makes me excited to go to my next sporting event.

3.  If you really want something to munch on during the game, your best bet is a Miller light and A FEW, one oz. to be exact of  Red vines… Bringing you to a grand total of: 262 Calories.

 Good luck Ladies…I know it’s not going to be easy. Sometimes there is nothing better than giving in to your cravings and enjoying the moment!! Just promise me you won’t enjoy the nachos more than once a year!