Get Your Hot Dogs!

Posted: July 5, 2010 by amyaubrey in Uncategorized

I’m not sure if this is categorized as sport, but it’s broadcast on ESPN so I guess it does.  The annual hot dog eating competition on Coney Island occurred yesterday.  Reigning champ Joey Chestnut ate 54 hotdogs in 10 minutes to win for his 4th straight year.  Former champions Takeru Kobayashi was unable to participate because apparently his hotdog eating fame has gone to his head & he wanted too much money to appear.  He also has a contract with some professional hot dog eating federation so I think that was another reason he couldn’t compete.  He was there to be an observer in the crowd & he claims that the fans noticed him & started chanting his name.  He jumped up on stage in the heat of the moment & police immediately jumped on him.  After his little hot dog scuffle, he was released from jail today.  He was charged with obstruction of governmental administration, resisting arrest & disorderly conduct.  He definitely planned it because the little guy with the big appetite was wearing a “Free Kobi” t-shirt.  See for yourself, the video is pretty funny.


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