The “Soccer Model” Curse

Posted: July 7, 2010 by NattieLiz in Soccer, World Cup

It has been said, that it is a curse to be beautiful (which we all know is false, its effin’ AWESOME!)… But when it comes to the boys of the World Cup… It may actually be true! Back in June, Vanity Fair blessed us with their World Cup Edition. There were 12 soccer studs from different countries modeling in their underwear. We can’t hate on that.. but here’s the catch:

None of these 12 made it pass the quarter finals, except for one, Michael Ballack of Germany…but he never played a single game because he was injured. Our very own US stud, Landon Donovan: ousted. Ghana’s Midfielder, Sulley Muntari, scored a goal from 35 yards against Uruguay, BUT was ousted none the less. Not even hottie Christiano Ronaldo could beat the curse of the Soccer Model. (My theory: the hotter you are, the worse you do).

In addition, it appear that the boys of the Nike, “Write the Future” Ad, have suffered the same ill fate. Nearly every soccer player prominently featured in the popular World Cup ad had an extremely poor World Cup showing with many of them crashing out in the group stages — If that doesn’t spell curse – I don’t know what does!

The moral of the story: Yes, soccer players: We know you are one of the hottest athletic species on the planet earth, but if you want to win, it appears you have to conserve all that hotness for the field… Sorry ladies, but no one wants to date a loser!

In addition, there seems to be one player who is well-known for his side job of “Soccer Modeling”. Ironically enough, he didn’t play with his Team this year in the World Cup due to injury…Coincidence?? I think NOT!


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