The Voice of God

Posted: July 12, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB
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A baseball legend passed away yesterday.  No he wasn’t a player, he was the voice of God. He was Bob Sheppard & he was 99 years old.  The longtime Yankee PA announcer was the voice of Yankee Stadium since 1951.  The very first line-up he announced included Joe DiMaggio & Mickey Mantle.  He has announced every great player to pass through the Stadium, which is just about every Hall of Famer since the year he started.  Besides the pinstripes, he was the link between Yankees of old & the players of today.  He followed one rule in his announcements: clear, concise, correct.  Many players have said they knew they made it to the Major Leagues when they heard Sheppard announce their name.  A few years ago, Derek Jeter asked Bob to make a recording of his voice announcing Jeter up to bat.  So even though he’s gone, his voice will live on every time Derek comes up to bat & you hear “Now batting for the Yankees Number 2, Derek Jeter, Number 2.”  As a tribute, Jeter requested that when his name is announced at the All-Star Game tomorrow, he would like Bob to do it.  Sheppard’s son told the New York Times that now when we die, we will hear his voice saying “Good afternoon ladies & gentlemen & welcome to heaven.”  Here is a video of one of the last lineups that was read by Bob Sheppard…


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