The Losers Bracket: Football Felons

Posted: July 13, 2010 by NattieLiz in NCAA Football, The Losers Bracket

Let’s look at the trend of violence, irresponsibility, and chaos taking place this summer in the Land of College Football. It is only July 12th and official summer pre season football camp for most colleges does not start until the 1st or 2nd week of August. This leaves campuses across the country filled with boys that are amped up on a new season, taking basket weaving summer school classes, and ready to release all that adolescent testosterone. On campuses across the country it seems Summer has been a recipe for disaster.

Let’s start with our friends over in Knoxville, Tn.  At this point in the off Season they are already looking at:

2 players arrested in a bar brawl, that ended up leaving a police officer unconscious. WR Da’Rick Rogers and DB Darren Myles were both arrested over the weekend. This marks Myles 2nd arrest this off-season. Rogers is only a freshman at UT and was romping around the bars. This particular bar was 18 and over…Can some one explain to me why that even exist?  Stay classy Vols, Stay classy. Then again this comes to us from the same school where 3 freshman Vols, decided it would be a great idea to try to rob a car off campus back in November. (all while wearing UT gear, ps.)

Then there is the upstanding citizens in Good ol’ Chapel Hill.

UNC linebacker Quan Sturdivant, a first team all-ACC selection, was arrested Saturday morning and faces a misdemeanor charge for possession of marijuana. Well its a good thing Sturdivant passed up the NFL this season to play his senior year, SIKE! But the good news is  he’s not the only one in trouble. Less than a month ago reserve defensive tackle Jared McAdoo was charged with a misdemeanor for having a BB gun on campus.

Our next delinquents hale from The University of Georgia, Atlanta.

Sophomore tailback Dontavious Jackson was charged with driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident and other motor vehicle offenses early Saturday morning. He has been suspended for a minimum of six games.

Sophomore split end, Tavarres King a returning starter, was charged with underaged possession of alcohol, resulting in a one game suspension. Both players were together in the car and have been suspended indefinitely from all team activities.

I have to say, UGA doesn’t have the best role models for these kids to follow. These arrests came less than a week after UGA Athletic Director Damon Evans resigned following his own DUI. According to a police report, Evans asked to be taken to a motel instead of a jail or to be let off with a warning. The arresting officer said Evans, who is married, had a pair of red panties between his legs belonging to a 28-year-old female passenger who was not his wife.

And Drum roll please…..He just so happen to be the star of this, “Don’t Drink and Drive” PSA shown to UGA students.

WOW!!! UGA you arrreeee the biggest losers, goodbye!

  1. NattieLiz says:

    woops! forgot the 3 freshman dismissed at UCLA this summer.

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