ESPY Awards Recap

Posted: July 15, 2010 by NattieLiz in ESPYS, Fans

The ESPY Awards aired on ESPN Wednesday night. It was a great show not only due to  a great year in sports, but because it was under the helm of hysterical host, Seth Myers. The show was entertaining on all levels, hysterical jokes and skits mixed with very touching and emotional tributes. Here are some of the high lights from last night that I found to be very very enjoyable.

1. Seth Meyers Opening Monologue: No one really knew what to expect from SNL’s Seth Meyers as an Awards host, but let me be the first to ask, Can he please do them all??  his opening monologue had my in stitches, as he basically ripped on all the top athletes in the room. Seth observed that Reggie Bush, Landon Donovan and Drew Brees were there — all the guys on your girlfriend’s exception list. He later added, “The Saints win finally helped the city heal after Hurricane Katrina, and now thanks to the oil spill, we’re going to need you guys to win like the next 50 Super Bowls”. He ended his monologue with a mention that Tiger Woods is gearing up for the British Open, which starts Thursday, July 15 — “so give it up for Tiger Woods … if you haven’t already.”

2. Moving Tributes: The Arthur Ashe Award given to the Thomas Family, for their courage after their father, highschool coach, Ed Thomas was shot and killed by a former player. The Jimmy V Award for Perseverance went to Nuggets coach George Karl, who is a survivor of prostate cancer and was diagnosed with neck and throat cancer.

3. The Winners:    Best Male Tennis Player: Roger Federer

  • Best Female Tennis Player: Serena Williams
  • Best Female Athlete: Lindsey Vonn, Skiing
  • Best Track And Field Athlete: Usain Bolt
  • Best Play: Brett Favre, Vikings
  • Best Championship Performance: Drew Brees
  • Best Moment: Landon Donovan, World Cup vs. Algeria
  • Best Team: New Orleans Saints
  • Under Pressure Award: Landon Donovan World Cup vs. Algeria
  • Best NFL Player: Drew Brees, New Orleans
  • Best Female Us Olympic Athlete: Lindsey Vonn, Skiing
  • Best NBA Player: Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers
  • Best Driver: Jimmie Johnson
  • Best Female College Athlete: Maya Moore, Connecticut Women’s Basketball
  • Best Fighter: Floyd Mayweather
  • Best Male US Olympic Athlete: Shaun White, Snowboarding
  • Best Male Athlete: Drew Brees
  • Best Breakthrough Athlete: Chris Johnson, Tennessee
  • Best Upset: Northern Iowa shocks No. 1 Kansas, Men’s Basketball
  • Best Coach/Manager: Phil Jackson, Los Angeles Lakers
  • Best MLB Player: Albert Pujols, St. Louis
  • Best Male College Athlete: John Wall, Kentucky Basketball
  • Best Male Action Sport Athlete: Shaun White, Snowboard
  • Best Female Action Sport Athlete: Torah Bright, Snowboarding
  • Best Male Athlete with Disability: Steve Cash
  • Best MLS Player: Landon Donovan, Los Angeles
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