Ladies’ Night Out!

Posted: July 21, 2010 by amyaubrey in Fans, MLB, Uncategorized
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So you know that “Make a Wish” foundation?  Well I’m not dying (knock on wood) but I got my wish granted last night!  I attended CC Sabathia’s 30th birthday party at the 40/40 club in NYC & partied with all the NY Yankees.  Thanks to Sam Sank’s former company, I get invited to some pretty nice events but they generally fall on weekdays that I’m in CT so can’t go.  I happened to be home this weekend & due to some bad luck which turned out to be great luck, I got to go to this exclusive event not opened to the public.  Players did not want any photos so I got whatever I could.

I walked in to be greeted by a live crocodile in a tank & girls walking around like Britney when she performed “I’m a Slave for you” with the snakes & all.  After getting some liquid courage I even put my life on the line so you could all see me holding a giant snake so watch the video below!  Some hottie socialite/pseudo-celeb dared me if he did it then I had to, so I being a sucker for good-looking guys agreed.  My friend & I sat at the bar & it was like a show going on & every time a new Yankee walked in it was exciting! Most exciting were by far Alex Rodriguez & Reggie Jackson (for me anyway).  Cameron Diaz was also in attendance so those rumors could be true but she & A-Rod were not socializing whatsoever.  Apparently I also missed out on Beyonce & Jay-Z which I would’ve died to see!

So we go up to the upstairs bar & Marcus Thames & I made eye contact & he must’ve thought I was someone else at first because he pointed at me & smiled & then walked across the room to come over to me & give me a kiss & hug hello.  I think he then realized his mistake but was very cool nonetheless & we were like old pals.  Once he started talking to Joba Chamberlain we decided to take a shot with them (Red Headed Sluts are Joba’s go-to, we have this in common.)  So shots with Joba, old friends with Marcus & the night was only beginning.  Got sandwiched between Alex & Joba while walking.  Shook the hand of Reggie Jackson.  Danced with Curtis Granderson (who is an amazing dancer!)  Re-introduced myself to some current Yankees who were once upon a time Staten Island Yankees that I had to drive to & from the stadium when I interned there & they were both super duper nice.  Francisco Cervelli was the one I was hoping would remember me & he at least pretended to & then the rest of the night would give me a wink & a smile every time he saw me.  I wished CC a Happy Birthday & he gave me a big papa bear hug & said “Thank you & thank you for coming.”  Happy to be there, CC.  Had a few convos with Phil Hughes.  Shoved several girls out of the way to introduce myself to Robinson Cano & I got to see that big beautiful smile in person & it was aiming at me & then I got a kiss on the cheek & could’ve died a happy girl.  David Robertson cleared the way to the bar so I could get there.  Bumped into (literally) Brandon Jacobs of the NY Giants & feared for my life because he is so big.  I also played craps for a while & I won somebody $21,000 which I still am not sure if I was playing with real money or not.  It was all-in-all AMAZINGG & I am pretty much the coolest person alive.

  1. NattieLiz says:

    UMMMM That was AWESOME!! Please tell me you got the # of the HAWT!!! snake handler!! WOW. totally, THEE. BEST. NIGHT.EVER.

  2. mama you know who says:

    amy, are you Kidding me!!!!!! you are soooooooooooo lucky. can you win me $21,000 of Real Money please.

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