USC – So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Posted: July 21, 2010 by thesank in Uncategorized

As we’ve been recently posting, many schools have been put in the NCAA dog-house. One of the major offenders, the USC Trojans, has been sending flowers and candy trying to escape the grips of the NCAA strong-hold, without hope. It is only recently that USC has made a huge step in the right direction to correcting their little “problems.”

Photo by Getty Images

The new USC president, Max Nikias, said he will be replacing current USC AD, Mike Garrett, with Pat Haden, familiar to the system as he was a former USC Trojan’s quarterback. With that new change comes another – Reggie Bush’s Heisman trophy will be sent back to the Heisman trust trying to disassociate themselves with Kim K’s & the Trojan’s former player.

USC is taking this to another level by removing all references of Reggie Bush and basketball palyer O.J. Mayo (antoher player in their NCAA scandal) – scrubbing their images from school murals and removing Bush’s No. 5 jersey in its place of honor in the lobby of Heritage Hall.

But for all of you of the WHO DAT nation (among others) who are still Bush fans, he will still be able to keep his own Heisman Trophy.

Backstory – USC has been placed on four years of probation, with two of those being a post-season bowl-ban. They will also have severe football scholarship restrictions since the NCAA found the athletic deparment broke many rules violations, mainly in football and basketball.

via ESPN


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