Don’t Let the Goal Line Ruin your Waist Line!

Posted: July 26, 2010 by NattieLiz in Uncategorized

For girls that love sports, the greatest event of each season is being able to actually go to the game. Getting the girls together for a baseball game, taking your man out to see his favorite team, or tail gating with the family. They are all exciting events, but as we all know some great times can be costly on a girl’s waist line. I mean the idea is to flirt with the line backer, not look like one.  So I decided to give you a few facts and create a quick Stadium Survival Guide.  Now don’t feel bad, I didn’t know any of these facts before writing this, and trust me, I have ordered all of thee above: but DEF never will ever again!

First, let’s go over some of the WORSE  and BEST things you can order at the Concession stands:

HOLY HANNAH! Don’t eat all day and maybe you can get  the Nachos: Calories 1101  — not to mention the 59 grams of Fat (I’m not condoning not eating all day- the nachos are totally not worth it!)

And then there is the Peanuts (so FUN! not so fun on those thighs): Calories 1280 (4 cup serving size…which you probably won’t get down anyways)

Personal Pan Pizza: Calories 660

OMG! Stay away from the tubs of Popcorn: Calories 573

The good ol’ Stadium Hot dog hits us at a low: Calories 464

The sleeper of the group: The Soft Pretzel: Calories 488

CheeseburgerCalories 450 / Hamburger: Calories 400

Chicken Sandwich: Calories 460

Drinking a “Nick Lachey” (aka Cold Iced Miller Light): Calories 163   (My Advice is to just drink yourself silly and not bother with the food!)

My personal favorite guilty pleasure: Churros: Calories 326

Fruit cup: Calories 80  (Which I have yet to SEE at a Stadium)


OK let’s all take a breath and realize this is not the end of the world, that many of us have not only ordered one of these things, but have been multiple offenders in one sitting. But now that the cat is out of the bag we can come up with a solid plan to get around the concession Stand Blues.

Survival Tips:

1. GO OUT TO DINNER BEFORE THE GAME!!!!  This way you can meet up and get a solid and healthy meal in before the game. Then when you get there you can sit and enjoy the game in its entirety without having to get up and down for food and still know that you got a good solid meal in before hand.

2. When all else fails, Looks like you have to go with the hot dog or hamburger. This comes as a shocker to me, but it actually makes me excited to go to my next sporting event.

3.  If you really want something to munch on during the game, your best bet is a Miller light and A FEW, one oz. to be exact of  Red vines… Bringing you to a grand total of: 262 Calories.

 Good luck Ladies…I know it’s not going to be easy. Sometimes there is nothing better than giving in to your cravings and enjoying the moment!! Just promise me you won’t enjoy the nachos more than once a year!

  1. mama you know who says:

    love this!!!good advice, just have fun

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