Rivalry Renewed!

Posted: July 27, 2010 by NattieLiz in NCAA Football, Notre Dame, University of Miami
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It’s the one thing all ‘Canes fans have been waiting for since the ’80’s: To play Notre Dame again.  It is a rivalry that has finally been renewed: Notre Dame will play the Hurricanes on Oct. 6, 2012 at Soldier Field in Chicago and then have a home-and-home series Oct. 8, 2016 in South Bend and Nov. 25, 2017 in Miami.

The thanksgiving weekend date is a big change for the Fighting Irish, as they normally end their season with a nice ass kicking in Los Angeles, compliments of  USC. I guess they will just move to another sunny big city and try their luck in a new venue. I think Irish and Hurricane fans are more than excited about this news. For all other football fans that may not see the significance here, Let me give you some history on this EPIC Rivalry:

Let’s start with the fact that shockingly, the Irish weren’t always an awful team!  They actually won games! The rivalry dates back to the 1950s and Notre Dame leads the series 15-7-1. In the 1988 game Notre Dame student printed up “Catholics vs. Convicts” T-shirts for a matchup in South Bend between the top-ranked Canes against the No. 4 Irish. Notre Dame won the game 31-30 en route to a national championship that season. But as we all know winning is the best revenge, and the very next year, Miami won thanks to a 3rd-and-43 conversion, a game that ended the top-ranked Irish’s 23-game winning streak and led Miami to a national title. Damnnnnn!  With any good rivalry, the other team has to respond, and Notre Dame is no exception: After the 29-20 victory by the Irish in 1990 — which knocked Miami out of the national title hunt and helped Notre Dame go the Orange Bowl with a chance to win another championship — this is when the series was stopped.

So that brings us to 2012 – the first game between the two teams in 22 years. So get out your 80’s ‘Catholics vs Convicts’ tee shirts!  Although you might have to switch them considering 8 ND players were just arrested over the summer.. who knows how many will be in the slammer by 2012. Ha ha ha bias much?? Lets go ‘Canes!



(photos can be found on bradcarrollgameday.blogspot.com and  http://www.sportsartifacts.com/fbcollege.html)

  1. mama you know who says:

    i can’t wait for this!!!! love the shirts too..very enjoyable article

  2. Now there’s two editions out: Catholics vs Convicts and Tradition vs Swagger.
    Check out the 2012 editions here ==>


    Good stuff. Can’t wait for the showdown at Soldier Field in 2012.

  3. Paul says:

    Photo credit, please.

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