JC loves PINK

Posted: August 5, 2010 by amyaubrey in College Football, MLB, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, NFL, Trends

If you are anything like myself, you frequent victoriasecret.com & shop with money you do not have & buy an absurd amount of clothing.  So what happens when VS combines with my favorite thing (sports)?  I go into debt, that’s what happens.  If you are looking for something cute to wear to a game, that is the place to go.  This collection is basically what would appear if the Jersey Chasers had a clothing line.  Cute meets sporty meets girly.  Perfect for tailgating & any & all sporting events.

VS started with the PINK collegiate collection & has most of the big schools available.  They’ve got a great selection that is always expanding with new shirts, pants, sweats, etc.  After that was such a big hit, they also started PINK loves MLB & have every team.  I’m sure some teams sell better then others so if you’re a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, you’re in luck because those will probably go on sale first.  Today, they also launched their NFL collection.  I wouldn’t recommend jumping on this as the clothing is still at their highest prices nor do they have every team yet.  They will inevitably go on sale as all Vicky’s products do.  I sound like an advertisement for them right now but I assure you, I am not in fact on the payroll, just a loyal customer.  If anyone working at Victoria’s Secret reads this & would like to advertise on JC, give us a call!


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