The Losers Bracket: Darrelle Revis

Posted: August 11, 2010 by amyaubrey in NFL, NY JETS, The Losers Bracket

People often talk about the athletes of today & their selfishness.  No one fits this description better then the New York Jets cornerback Darelle Revis.  He is the best player on the Jets but instead of helping them win a SuperBowl, he hasn’t showed up at camp because he doesn’t think his current contract is enough money for him.  As a rookie, he did the same thing & didn’t show up for a month but he eventually got his money.

In his first 2 years, he made more than $22 million in guaranteed money, not including bonuses.  He has accumulated more fines now because of missing camp then most people will make in a year.  The Jets are standing strong that they will not give him more money & I don’t blame them.  Right now they are about $40 million apart in what they are offering & what he is asking for.  Revis was one of the most beloved players on the Jets last year because he performed.  Jets fans are now livid with this guy because he could cost them a chance at winning it all because he probably won’t be playing for them in 2010.  There were a lot of high hopes for that team this year but all of those hopes included Revis.  Speaking to some Jets fans they reiterated the thinking of Cleveland fans after LeBron left: burn his jersey.

HBO’s “Hard Knocks” premieres tonight & this year they are following the Jets.  I’m sure HBO is loving this, since it just so happens that this training camp is filled with lots o’ drama.  There’s no denying that Revis is an amazing player but he has got to stop yelling “Show Me the Money!”


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