Football: Designer Bootcamp

Posted: August 25, 2010 by NattieLiz in Fans, NCAA Football, NFL, Trends, What not to wear

So with our Football count down to just about 8 days, it’s time to start getting ready for the big games. The first thing to worry about is of course, wardrobe. Whether you are tailgating at the stadium or kickin’ it at a bar, you MUST REP’ YO TEAM! I find the best way to do this is through absurdly annoying personalized T-Shirts.

Here is your first tutorial on how to prepare THE BEST personalized Team Shirt! ( this method will work to represent your relatives, boyfriends, hook ups, or even haters in the NFL or NCAA).

Step 1. Preparation.

These shirts can be made the day of, but I DO NOT recommend this method. Preparation is every thing, a shirt that has not been thought out, looks pretty dumb. The goal is to look cute and supportive, not like you were hung over and taped on some numbers. (trust my I have been there, and Willie Cooper #28 should have been embarrassed by our display of support that day).

Step 2. Finding the right top.

Target is now your best friend (or well now like your Super Friend, cause who doesn’t already LOVE Target). American Apparel is also a GREAT place to find something with a little more spice. Try to find a top that doesn’t have a lot of stretch to it.. sadly wife beaters are not the golden ticket on this design. Finding a school color is ideal, but if you can’t then stick with something white, because you don’t want to go to a game and have the wrong shade of red and look like an SC fan when you were rooting for Standford… embarrassing much??

Step 3. The Iron-Ons

Iron-ons are the best way to go. Forget paint, or markers, or puffy paint, they all suck. Again, iron ons are the ONLY way to make these a success. Get the school colors and #’s that you will need to make the best possible shirt, but be warned that the packaging on these is super annoying. They normally only have one of each letter or #, So your best bet is getting a group of girls to go all in with you so you can buy plenty and split the cost.

Step 4: Try on the shirt and don’t RUSH

Try the shirt on, place the letters, read the directions, and TAKE YOUR TIME! Don’t rush through this process or you will come out with a WACK final product that your ass has to wear for almost 3 hours at a time. Be gentle with the iron: don’t leave it too long and don’t peel it too soon.. I know, I know, so much pressure!! but I promise when done right, you will be looking sharp!


Prance and Frolic accordingly! Wear your shirt with pride!! and if you spill on it.. keep on truckin because most likely you are not going to be wearing the same one every weekend.. they are purely for novelty purposes and they catch the eye’s of a lot of dudes. Look it’s not only a classy piece of wardrobe, it’s a DATE Finder!! or a free beer finder, either way its  a WIN WIN!!!

Good luck ladies!! I cant wait to see what you come up with this year!

  1. mama you know who says:

    love it!!!

  2. mama you know who says:

    thiese are so good

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