A Fantastic Season

Posted: August 30, 2010 by amyaubrey in NFL

Many people have heard of Fantasy sports but they don’t know how they work, well if you are one of those people, then problem solved!  With football season about to begin, drafts for fantasy football are either coming up or have already passed.  It’s a great way to bring your office together if you’re all in a league & it’s tons of fun to trash talk.  Same goes for friends, strangers or just abuot anyone you can drag into your league.  With Fantasy sports, you are part of a league that has maybe 10-14 teams in it.  You pick real players & put together your personal dream team & use their stats to give you points.

With football, you don’t pick every single position on the field, but mainly all the offensive ones: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker & Defense.  There are several categories that you need to get.  The main thing, as you can probably imagine is Touchdowns.  You also get points for how many yards they all get, whether it’s running, catching or passing.  Kickers get points for extra point kicks & field goals (the longer the FG, the more points you get.)  Defense gets more points for lower scores against plus any interceptions, fumbles, sacks or safeties.

Some would say the best part of Fantasy is the naming of your team.  You may not get points for a great name but you always get alot of credit for your creativity.  I always enjoy a good old play on names of your favorite players or football terms.  My team name last year was “Tuck U” & this year I’ve got “Rock & Rolle”.  I believe SamSank is “Rice Rice Baby.”  Some other favorites include “No Punt Intended,” “I’m Thinkin’ RB’s,” “Sacks & the City” & “The Brady Bundchen.” There are way more better names but these are just some I’ve heard of.  Comment with your favorites!


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