Football Study Guide

Posted: September 3, 2010 by NattieLiz in Fans, NCAA Football, NFL

Smarts and confidence can seal the deal for a lot of guys out there. So let’s try to make you the smartest girl in the bar or living room this weekend. Consider today’s post a cheat sheet for the rest of the season.Football is here… Now, let’s get down to business.

Football Scheduling Facts:

– High School Football is played on Friday nights, hence the GREAT movie and Awesome TV show, “Friday Night Lights”.

– College Football is played on Saturdays… Allll dayyyyy…Making it the most awesome day of the week.

– Pro Football is played on Sundays, with special match up games played every  Monday night… aka Monday Night Football

Terms to be familiar with: (So you don’t look dumb)

Quarterback: The guy who is responsible for throwing the ball to the other players who then attempt to score. Aka: most likely one of the hottest guys on the team. Minus that creeper Ben RothlisLOSER.

– Offensive line: These are the guys that line up in front of the Quarter back to protect his booty from getting sacked by the Defense. Those are his boys, those guys make sure he doesn’t get all messed up during the game.  aka: The O-line.

Defensive Line:  This is the line of guys that are on the opposite side of the offense, trying to sack the quarter back and tackle who ever has the ball, and make sure to cover the O-line so they can not get out and make plays. aka: The D- line.

Touchdown: This is the point system in Football. A touchdown is when a team makes it all the way down the field to the End Zone… this is where T.O and OchoCinco Busta Move!  Each touch down is worth 6 points.  If  it is followed by a successful field goal (when the kick goes between the goal post) that is an extra point, bringing the total score of that possession to 7 points.



Sack: This is when the quarter back gets tackled… If you were a cheerleader you are familiar with the cheer: Sack. that. Quarter. Back. A-ttack! …. tackle that guy so no one gains any yards and the team can’t move down the field to score.


– Interception: when the Quarterback throws the ball into the hands of the other team unintentionally. This then gives the other team automatic possession. THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR TEAM!

-Downs: So essentially “downs”  are plays. Your team gets four chances before the ball is turned over to the other team to have their chance to score. A team has four downs (plays) to move 10 yards toward the opposing team’s end zone. If they make the ten yards needed within four downs, they are given a new set of downs. This is called getting a first down…. First downs are GREAT! this is when you cheer!

I think you guys got the gist without going into positions, and the Pistol offense, the spread, running routes,  2 minute drills, and reading the coverage- Sounds like gibberish huh?  My hope is that one day- you learned these other terms and were able to enjoy football even more! But until then, grab a beer and just make sure you don’t get “Sacked”… well unless you want to… it is Friday!  🙂 have a good weekend JC’s!! Get Pumped, it’s the first of many!

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