Finally Getting a Chance…

Posted: September 7, 2010 by amyaubrey in MLB
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As September is upon us, that also means September call-ups in baseball.  It’s when rosters expand & they bring up some players from the Minor Leagues to see what they really can do against Major Leaguers.  One player had been hoping for his chance at this for 16 years.  No it wasn’t a young guy waiting all his life, this guy has been playing in the Minor Leagues for 16 years.  At 33 years old, John Lindsey has finally gotten his chance.  The LA Dodgers gave Lindsey the call he had been waiting for his entire life this year.  He has played in more Minor League games then any current player & when he makes his debut, he will be the oldest player since Allan Zinter to play in his very 1st Major League game.  Lindsey was drafted in 1995 & has played for 14 different Minor League teams.

You always hear about horror stories of players in the Minor Leagues.  They make practically no money, they live in terrible housing & they ride the bus all around the country.  Big leaguers refer to playing in the Minor Leagues as “doing your time.”  Well fortunately for Lindsey, this wasn’t a life sentence.  Most players give up their dream after a few years because they just lose faith, but not this guy.  When the manager called him into the office, he made it seem like he was in trouble & slammed the door.  The coaches in the room had been waiting for this for a while so none of them could keep a straight face.  When he told “Big John” the good news, all Lindsey could do was give him a bear hug.  All of his teammates were so exited for him & they all said they could tell he was fighting back the tears.  In a lost season for the Dodgers, their General Manager Ned Coletti said he wanted to remind his players about the way baseball should be played, and which kind of players he thinks should play it.  Lindsey plays with all of his heart & an unwavering desire to succeed & now he finally has something to show for it.


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