Rematch Revenge

Posted: September 8, 2010 by NattieLiz in Fans, NCAA Football, Twitter, University of Miami
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Fiesta Bowl: The championship game of the 2002 season: Miami v. Ohio State. Miami loses, from a pass interference play known solely as,”The Call”.

In the first over time of an already nail-biting game, it appeared that Ohio State had lost. It came down to a 4th down pass from Craig Krenzel that bounced off the hands of Chris Gamble in the end zone. The Miami crowd went wild, until the ref threw a late flag and called pass interference on Miami’s Glen Sharpe. OSU scored and won in the 2nd over time.

This Saturday’s game will be the first time since that show down: Miami and OSU will finally meet again. Revenge is in the air. Miami players and fans alike are more than excited to travel to Columbus this weekend and get sweet revenge on the Buckeyes. All of the current players of both teams were in highschool when this game went down, but that doesn’t change the meaning of this weekends match up. All the NFL vets that worked out with the Hurricanes this summer emphasized one thing and one thing only: You must beat Ohio State. 

Cornerback Brandon Harris said Jonathan Vilma, Andre Johnson and Ed Reed all spoke about the importance of winning this game, “A lot of them, they’re going to live their dreams through us this week. They realize they can’t go out there and play them again, but we have the opportunity to take them down”. It’s going to be a great game to watch, if not THEE game to check out this weekend.


 The Twitter trending topic stands as #beatOhioState

Saturday 12:40 PT and 3:40 EST….. #gitready


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