Family Reunions in Indy

Posted: September 19, 2010 by amyaubrey in NFL
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I hope you are enjoying your Sunday Funday.  There are a few football families that are looking forward to today.  One such family is the Mannings.  The NY Giants travel to Indianapolis to play the Colts on Sunday night, which also means a battle between brothers.  Peyton Manning will try to lead his team past little brother Eli.  They are the only 2 brothers to both win a SuperBowl MVP award.  It will be the 2nd time that their teams will play each other while the 2 are “manning” the QB position (pun intended!)  Peyton came out on top in the last meeting but we will have to wait & see about this one.  The real question is who will father Archie being cheering for?

The other family reunion will be occurring off the field but is the more important of the 2.  Back in May  while in his hometown of Indianapolis, Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka was riding his motorcycle with his older brother, Benedict.  Minutes from their mother’s house while riding in front of his brother, Benedict crashed into a car & was thrown nearly 100 feet & was not wearing a helmet.  For almost 24 hours after, he fought for his life.  It was a traumatizing event for Mathias but thankfully, his brother has made almost a full recovery.  As the Giants are in Indianapolis it will undoubtedly be an emotional return home for Kiwanuka & I expect him to play hard with his brother always on his mind.


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